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In Sverdlovsk area accept the three-year budget first in the history

the Governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel has directed to deputies of regional parliament the project of the first three-year budget. According to the document, next year it is supposed to receive almost 134 billion roubles of incomes, in 2010 - m - 143 billion, and in a year - 159.

the Budget is planned as sufficient. In the project powerful enough credit program is put: on crediting legal and physical persons is provided to direct almost three billion roubles. Besides, it is supposed to increase expenses in most narrow places. For example, in 2009 on introduction of high technologies in machine-building and oboronno - industrial complexes it is planned to allocate 60 million roubles, for updating and expansion of assortment of medical products - 65 million, on development and modernisation of objects of a municipal infrastructure - 100, on manufacture and introduction energo - and resurso ­ saving up technologies, the equipment, materials - 50. However there is one but . Representatives of supervising body consider that according to new edition of the Budgetary code of the Russian Federation the regional authorities have no right to give budgetary credits. The regional cabinet, on the contrary, is assured that such right at them is. Now dispute dares in court.

It is not known while, as auknutsja present financial shocks on destiny of the project of the three-year budget. Their obvious signs in the document are not traced. On the other hand, updatings are hardly possible, if they at first do not occur in the federal budget. It is not necessary to forget as well about the request of the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation to subjects of Federation not to inflate local budgets promises and to try to constrain the hotelki to second half of 2009. By then, by calculations of the Ministry of Finance, crisis it will be finished. However, discussion of the project of the three-year budget of Sverdlovsk area promises to be rough. The session of the regional Duma devoted to it is planned for October, 21st.