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The national team of Finland intends to beat Russians in Moscow

Today in the field of stadium the Locomotive in Cherkizove Guus Hiddink`s command will spend elimination match CHM - 2010 with a command of Finland. The beginning in 19. 00. It will be possible to look at the direct telereporting on the First channel.

After a house match with Azerbaijan which the Finnish football players have won with the account 1:0, the instructor of a national team Stewart Bakster has given to the wards the day off. In Moscow Finns have begun purposeful preparation for a match only on Monday evening. Then it was found out that a trauma received by the halfback Sunderland Teemu Tajnio, will not prevent it to play in a guest match with Russia.

the football delegation from Finland has arrived To Moscow yesterday, and in some hours football players of modular Suomi have spent training in Cherkizove. Among them there was also a brother of the halfback situated near Moscow Saturn the Novel of Eremenko. Before a departure in capital of Russia the Novel has declared:

- For last 13 years progress of modular Finland went much more strongly, than at a team of Russia. In spite of the fact that Guus Hiddink`s wards have won recently bronze medals of Euro - 2008, I consider that the previous generation of players of the Russian national team was more feasible...

There were times when our national team beat Finns with the account 10:0, 10:2. However now such it is hardly probable possible. Finns in last 10 - 15 have really considerably added years. Many players of present modular Finland act in decent foreign clubs, basically the English. In the first round a command of Bakstera hardly was has not beaten on the home field the basic favourite of the fourth selection group - German national team. We will remind, Finns conducted on a match course three times, but nevertheless game has ended in a draw - 3:3. Many football players of modular Suomi asserted that in game with Germans it has lost two points.

In a meeting with Azerbaijanians Finns looked much stronger than contenders, but have managed to hammer only from a penalty. Despite it, the command of Bakstera has received the three points and is full of determination to make the same in Moscow. The instructor of modular Finland believes that it is real. Otherwise would not began to speak before departure in our capital:

- the Drawn game from Russian national team is our problem - a minimum...

the Given statement can be apprehended as bragging. Nevertheless it is not necessary to forget that in rating FIFA our command costs much above, than Finnish. Besides Russian national team plays today houses where to it the whole-hearted support is provided from fans. Logically the head coach of modular Finland should dream about nobody`s in Moscow. But, probably, Bakster has well studied our command. In all games after the Euro termination - 2008 it has played roughly. As a rule, began not very well, then added. If in house game with the Wales Russians nevertheless managed to win, from Germany they have left with what.

according to experts, Guus Hiddink`s command, undoubtedly, is stronger than modular Finland. But it in the theory, and in practice all will depend on, whether our children can lead all today`s match as aggressively, as the second time in Dortmund.

Yesterday at stadium the Dynamo Russian national team has spent last training before a meeting with a command of Finland. Unlike the previous employment yesterday`s training has been opened for representatives of mass-media only for the first 15 minutes.

on Monday in the general group the halfback " trained; the Locomotive Dinijar Biljaletdinov. But there were, seemingly, problems with an ankle at the defender Zenith Alexander Anjukova. At the moment of number signing it was not known, whether the author of a goal pass in Dortmund against Finns can play.

- Our children will have time to be restored to a match with Finns, - the trainer of Russian national team Igor Korneyev has declared. - to it not vpervoj to play in two days on the third. Therefore the physical form of players does not cause alarm in me. Considering the second time of game with Germans and some pieces of the first time, there are all bases to be assured of players. Especially all understand, the result of a match with Finns is how much important. The situation is extremely clear: the victory is necessary to us only. Children seriously prepare for a match...


Till today Russian national teams (the USSR/ the CIS) have played with commands of Finland of 16 meetings.

the First has taken place in 1912 within the limits of the Olympic tournament. In Stockholm Russians have lost to Finns - 2:1. Last time from modular our Finland met almost 13 years ago. In Moscow Russian national team under the direction of Oleg Romantseva has won the Euro elimination match - 1996 against a command of Suomi - 3:1.

our commands have won all against Finns of 10 matches, five times have drawn and only one have lost. Thus collars of modular Finland were visited by 49 balls.

In qualifying tournaments of the World championships Russian national team did not meet Finns, and here the command of Soviet Union has spent two matches in 1957. More 50 years ago in Moscow we have won - 2:1, and in Helsinki have made defeat - 10:0. Three balls into gate of owners were hammered by Nikita Simonjan.

for the last half a century Russian national teams (the USSR/ the CIS) have spent All with commands of Finland of 10 official matches. From them 7 have won and 3 have drawn.