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Sergey Solovev: I will write the Third volume about Abdulov

Sergey Solovev represents the two-volume book of memoirs, ascertains crisis in film production, declares exit date 2 - Assy - 2 about Abdulov

Film director Sergey Solovev, the master of the Soviet cinema and the author of the well-known pictures " also promises to write; Hundred days after the childhood and Assa has presented in a bookshop Moscow the two-volume book of the memoirs. The first book carries the author`s name the Beginning. That yes syo … the second - Anything, what I a hen? - it is entitled by the citation from a picture the Black rose - a grief emblem, a red rose - a love emblem . The meeting with readers has turned in some kind of creative evening in which course of Nightingales has informed some important news and has shared several serious reasons.

So, first of all, the director named exact date of an appearance of a film 2 - Assa - 2 work over which has been finished this summer present - on screens continuation of adventures of boy Bananana (with Yury Bashmet`s participation and Sergey Shnurova`s music) leaves in the beginning of February of the next year. Besides, Nightingales has told that approximately in a year studio the Close up is going to let out full meeting of its creations on DVD into which should enter not only all films of the master, but also all releases of its author`s TV program SAS .

Its present two-private novelty left with zataktom - in the summer the documentary book Assa. The book of changes (how in the end of 80 - h this glorified film became) musical journalist Boris Barabanov has presented. but recently at me the verbal diarrhoeia " has simply begun; - - in such expressions the director has described the reasons which have induced and it to take up the pen, - - And if it is serious, I feel obliged to such quantity of people that has decided already to start to distribute these debts . As he said, there will be also a third volume which all will be devoted Alexander Abdulov with whom Nightingales, besides other, worked on to the Black rose (its character says the remark which has become by the title of the second volume) and on a film " in this film; About love . I knew Sashu from that party from which it was not known by anybody. And I think that where it is more important than official biographies - private certificates. Memoirs on the person - as told, as smiled, as laughed - has told Nightingales.

and the director Has answered a question on the musical predilections. I loved Tsoy always, and have caught only recently - suddenly mine iPod in which all is pushed without discrimination, have found it and have lost me at once some albums. I needed one and a half ten years to understand, about what he sings . On a question of the correspondent rg. ru, what music for present the second Assy became the same leitmotif, what for Assy the first steel of a song Cinema Nightingales has answered without hesitation: Leningrad . I as - that sat in the culture Ministry at any tedious meeting where it was a question of how us to reform the Bolshoi theatre and in general the academic art. And has then gone on the Top crust. And it is suddenly casual, already gathering for street, has seen on a regiment a plate on which it has been written - Babarobot (fate - a group opera Leningrad - a comment rg. ru) . I have got it, have listened, was stunned - and when has come to the senses has understood, how we should reform the Bolshoi theatre .

the Director also has told about the offers in connection with 80 - summer anniversary VGIKA. I have suggested to plant directly on steps the cast Shukshin, Tarkovsky and Shpalikova - that is our geniuses who were here simple students . However, as he said, the initiative has not met enthusiasm - the HIGH SCHOOL administration considers that first of all it is necessary to immortalise masters who taught at Cinematography Institute.

dialogue on the sad note Has ended - Sergey Solovev has told that on his eyes the domestic cinema falls a victim of world financial crisis. And it is a question not only of full metre, but also (hardly probable not first of all) manufacture of serials for TV. at me a course - thirty persons. Where they will work? with alarm ascertained SAS, and has added - and at cinema it is impossible samorealizovatsja alone . On a question rg. ru, whether turning of commercial cinema will lead to blossoming author`s, the director has told: The artist should be hungry, but should not die of hunger. The dying talent good to you will not remove anything .