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To the Chechen Republic will allocate money for restoration of the buildings destroyed from earthquake

Yesterday Vladimir Putin has spent in It is new - Ogaryov two working meetings with ministers and meeting on power.

the First the prime minister - the minister has accepted the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu and the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzana Kadyrova. Putin process of liquidation of consequences of the earthquake which have occurred on October, 11th interested.

the Help to people means of builders in the area of a republic management are organised, concentrated. All salvage operations are finished - vigorously reported Shojgu. The Ministry of Emergency Measures has directed to republic nearby 700 persons, works is planned to finish during 10 - 14 days. The commission on inspection of housing objects, maintenance of hospitals and schools starts to work. everything, as to gas, water, communication and an electricity, is restored - the minister has concluded.

But the governmental decree on rendering assistance yet is not accepted, the republic needs the finance. we took credits and used budgetary funds to render to the population first aid. But it not the way out as a question serious, there were strong destructions, is also victims, wounded - Kadyrov has explained. Having requested of the government the loan, it has resulted impressing figures: 4300 houses and three regional hospitals are not subject to restoration, schools and cultural establishments have suffered. In total earthquake has mentioned 4127 families. Moreover, the elements can strike again on region - pushes by force in 4 points were on Monday night observed. and they will proceed - thirty times it at us already was - Kadyrov has sighed. that has been loosened, has failed - has commented on night disaster of Shojgu.

Chechens always had this experience and ability to work, build. But recently much has been made for republic restoration, therefore it is necessary to use all this potential - the prime minister has summed up. Thus it did not begin to refuse to Chechens the request: As to the federal government it, of course, all will estimate. At first we will render the operative help, and already then, after calculation of all losses, both to citizens, and to a republic economy all corresponding sums " will be allocated;.

Shojgu and Kadyrov in a country reception of premieres - the minister were replaced by two vitse - a premiere - Alexey Kudrin and Dmitry Kozak (yesterday has been appointed by the vice-president of the government who is responsible for preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi). Putin in which already time for this month has discussed measures With them on preventive maintenance of influence of a world economic crisis on economy of Russia. On Monday at supervisory board Vnesh session ekonombanka the prime minister declared the decision refinansirovat credits only those enterprises which work in real sector of economy. And yesterday has decided to concretise the key industries to one of which became building.

Regions will receive additional grants for moving of emergency fund. it is important to accelerate allocation of corresponding resources and to give out a biennial limit is 50 mlrd roubles - the prime minister the zamam ordered. One more measure sounded by Putin - to use additional means of Agency on mortgage housing crediting (60 mlrd roubles), having co-ordinated them to work of bank system. It will help banks to serve clients in building sphere. these actions, in my opinion, should podder press and shareholders who took part in share building and which now can face problems of realisation of already constructed or completed habitation. All it not only will allow to support, in my opinion, building sector of the Russian economy, but also will solve sharp social problems of maintenance with habitation of citizens - the chairman of the government has explained.

Separately Putin has stopped on problems of military men. On their maintenance with habitation this year it has been provided 65 mlrd rbl., but there were hardly more than five. And the prime minister has suggested to transfer since 2009 for 2008 the additional sum in the size not less than 10 mlrd roubles.

In end of day of premieres has held meeting concerning maintenance of objects of electric power industry with fuel stocks. On Monday readiness of regions for winter was discussed by government presidium. And yesterday Putin has taken an interest in a power system condition - in particular, creation of fuel stocks. all last years this problem dared rhythmically, in a planned order, without failures. Such mode should be provided and this year - it addressed.

After Russian Open Society reorganisation UES of Russia the question is supervised by a Department of Energy and a federal staff on power supply safety. Already now coal stocks on power stations exceed the specification on 20 %, black oil - on 35 %, remained Putin is happy. But in September shortage of a rolling stock was observed. Therefore the prime minister has offered minenergo, Open Society the Russian Railway and to all other departments, the companies and the ministries to develop accurate monthly schedules of deliveries of fuel on power station. It is not excluded that responsibility of those who supervises observance of specifications of reservation of fuel, repair and the maintenance of networks will be raised. With such offer to the prime minister has addressed minenergo.