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The state is ready to support the housing construction market

Today in minregione representatives of regions in whom the habitation actively is under construction will gather. Experts will try to understand, how the financial crisis has affected the building market, what measures need to be undertaken to support branch.

Ready recipes while are not present, but as the deputy minister of regional development Sergey Kruglik has declared, a major principle - not to substitute market relations for state regulation . Thus, the deputy minister is assured, the state can and should keep and support the market, having offered new game rules focused on changed economic realities.

outwardly special changes to the worst it is not appreciable yet: for nine months 2008, under the operative data of subjects, it is entered an order of 33 million square metres of habitation. It practically level of last year - is more exact, 97 percent from last year`s volumes. Till the end of the year garantirovanno it will be constructed still an order of 21 million metres. And if offered measures of the help will work in the ministry hope to leave on last year`s volumes of housing construction. That is 61 - 62 million inhabited metres. The prices grow up, but actually on a rate of inflation or hardly it is more.

however builders give out disturbing enough symptoms: demand falls, the habitation is on sale all worse. At the same time perekreditovatsja for end of building it is almost impossible for builders: even if banks do not refuse money toughen conditions of their granting so that credits become actually forbidden .

Yes, in the market there are changes, - Sergey Kruglik recognises. - the turn from builders behind reception of long-term credits was built. The turn from people who would like to take a mortgage was built, but from - for the become tougher credit conditions too makes it cannot. That is demand was reduced, and it is completely not healthy .

In minregione have counted up that at not complete stage today is an order of 78 million square metres of habitation. Even if 20 - 21 million as it is planned, will be handed over, the next year will pass more than 50 million squares nezavershenki . To complete, if the branch sits down on a hungry financial ration, it will be difficult.

As the state can interfere with a situation? In - the first, believe in the ministry, it is necessary to support demand on already ready (or nearly so ready) habitation. Under the federal program Dwelling the state bears obligations on support in acquisition of apartments for military men, chernobyltsev, the northerners, the compelled immigrants and some other categories. For them the state annually buys or builds (for example, forces of the Minister of Defence) from 1 to 2,5 million inhabited metres. The variant is discussed: a bookmark of new buildings temporarily to stop, and all means (and, maybe, even planned to allocation for some next years) to spend in the shortest terms for acquisition of already constructed apartments. Thus, the government can try to kill at once two hares. On the one hand, actually to support builders, skupiv at them illiquid habitation which they cannot sell in the commercial market. With another, at once to carry out of obligations to persons included in a waiting list which, according to management of federal housing programmes, is approximately 510 thousand families. By the way, be redeemed habitation can at the prices essentially more low srednerynochnyh as to the builders applying for the state order, will suggest to compete in pricing. We are not going to support the separate companies, we will support the market - Sergey Kruglik has underlined. Thus simultaneously it is necessary to reconsider and rules of acquisition of habitation by means of housing certificates, to make amendments to the legislation, simplifying procedures on acquisition of habitation and carrying out of corresponding competitions.

in the Similar way means of fund of reforming of the housing and communal services, provided for resettlement of citizens from shabby and emergency houses can be used.

In total, presumably, on support of the market the government can direct the sum to 100 billion roubles.

it is not necessary to forget as well about 60 billion roubles which should be allocated to Agency on mortgage housing crediting (AIZHK). It is not excluded that this sum will be increased. Anyway the agency will direct all these means on the repayment of mortgage banks which can continue programs of mortgage lending of the population.

possible mechanisms of granting of proceeds of credit to banks Are discussed also provided that they will continue to finance builders for end of building of inhabited objects. How there will be a selection of such buildings, still it is necessary to be defined.