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Federal grants for fuel have received four Russian regions

the Cold season has begun already in 76 regions. Readiness for winter as a whole on the country is better, than last year.

However (and it, unfortunately, it is traditional) there are problem regions. The head of department of housing and communal services has informed on it minregiona Alexander Dronov yesterday.

As he said, the most disturbing situation on Kamchatka where heat giving can be broken, first of all from - for problems with fuel. The Arkhangelsk, Murmansk areas and Primorski Krai also have suffered from sharp rise in price of cost of energy carriers, first of all black oil. Consequences are easily predicted: with approach of colds the principle " is especially brightly shown; a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and failures on heating systems, fault with an electrical supply become frequent.

That it to avoid, the decision to help four above-named regions to pay off the debts connected with a rise in prices for black oil is accepted, - in total they will receive about 3,2 billion roubles. By the way, in other northern regions, by data minregiona, 100 percent of volumes of fuel necessary for wintering are delivered.

the Ministry supervises, as there is a preparation for winter, annually. But this year for the first time efficiency of actions of governors and enforcement authorities was estimated by specially developed and confirmed criteria. Such, for example, as presence of a standard stock of coal and black oil; liquidation of debts of the municipal enterprises for toplivno - power resources; presence and readiness of reserve sources elektro - and heat supplies; performance of plans of prewinter works by November, 15th; annual replacement of shabby networks in certain volume, and so on. Already more than five years the available housing condition, as well as the power supplying organisations, is fixed in special documents - readiness passports. Such passports, by the way, this year have received already 96,7 percent of the municipal enterprises, and it again - taki is better, than in last season.

it is important to estimate also, how fast heads of regions and branch react at occurrence of a supernumerary situation, whether terms are observed at elimination of failures. By results of such monitoring all regions it is promised to construct on strunke - after November, 15th minregion promises to publish a rating of their readiness for a cold season. While, except the most critical four, Buryatiya, the Magadan, Ivanovo and Volgograd areas have got to number lagging behind also.

In the ministry have reminded, where there were the most serious failures last, on the average on the country in enough soft winter. In November in Yakutia from - for switching-off of the centralised electrical supply the boiler-house in settlement Batagaj has been stopped, and without heat there was three ten apartment houses and more than semithousand persons. 43 pjatietazhki have been defrozen in the first of January in one of areas of Novosibirsk. In some days remained without heat of 800 tenants of 60 houses of settlement Bottom Pavlovka in the Orenburg region.

However, before winter still there is time for end of a spadework - at southern regions more, at northern - much less. Forecasts of weather forecasters are not too consolatory - the winter on bolshej country parts is expected severe enough. On similar last year`s a gift from office of heaven kommunalshchikam it is better not to hope.