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The lawyer on Anna Politkovsky`s business could not be in court

Process on the case of observer murder the New newspaper Annas Politkovsky has begun today   in the Moscow district military court.

preliminary hearings on business are appointed, however protection of a family of Politkovskaya will ask to postpone session.

lawyer Karina Moskalenko, representing interests of a family of Politkovskaya, is in hospital in France with poisoning signs, in its car the suspicious substance similar to mercury was revealed. moskalenko is on inspection, and the substance is sent for examination, upon incident criminal case is brought.

Anna Politkovsky has been killed on October, 7th, 2006 at a house entrance in Wood street in Moscow. The criminal four times has shot at the journalist.

Criminal case will be considered under the chairmanship of judge MOVS of the colonel of justice Evgenie Zubova who considered earlier criminal case about murder of the journalist the Moscow member of the Komsomol Dmitry Holodova.

Business of Politkovskaya it has been directed not in civil, and to military court as one of accused - Pavel Rjaguzov - is the operating employee of FSB.

charge in murder of the journalist is shown three figurants: to Sergey Hadzhikurbanovu, Dzhabrailu and Ibragimu Mahmudovym. - to Pavel Rjaguzovu - accusation in excess of powers of office and extortion is brought to One more figurant.

RIA Novosti news agency