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Bashar Asad named for the first time an event in Syria war

Acting at the first session of the new Syrian cabinet, the president of Syria Bashar Asad named an event in this country real war .

As has informed the Syrian state agency the Dignity Bashar Asad has demanded from members of the government to use all available possibilities for victory achievement in war . Earlier Asad declared that against official Damascus the isolated groups of insurgents financed from - for borders " battle;.

In the middle of June an event in Syria recognised civil war representatives of the United Nations. According to human rights organisation, the number of victims of the conflict in this country has already exceeded 15 thousand persons.


As has reported ITAR - TASS, on Tuesday in Washington has passed a special briefing for journalists with participation of the American agents of national security. the Syrian opposition remains shattered, and armed forces keep fidelity to government Bashara Asada - officials of prospecting departments of the USA have declared, having specified that the army of Syria on - former is loyal to president Asadu, despite the desertion facts .