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Reception of inquiries from authorities will translate in the electronic form

Since July, 1st the citizens addressing in those or other authorities behind reception of the state or municipal services, have the right to put in to the official the statement in Office of Public Prosecutor that he has demanded to bring documents which is obliged to request of other authorities independently. About it has told deputy head Rosreestra Natalia Antipin.

With herself, - she has specified, - the person is obliged to bring only documents of personal storage - passport, documents which are in the state or municipal archives or civil registrations (marriage, a birth, death) concern. Or connected with activity of bodies of guardianship and guardianship. The full list of these documents contains in article 7 of the law about state services .

Documents from REGISTRY OFFICES, by the way, it is planned to enter into system of interdepartmental electronic document circulation (SMEV) by 2015, the same work, is assured zamglavy by Rosreestra, will be spent   concerning those papers which give guardianship and guardianship bodies.

Basically, I think that that day when even archival documents will be in one way or another translated in the electronic form and the only thing that the citizen should have with itself at the reference in authorities is near are a passport - Natalia Antipin has assumed.

While interdepartmental interaction of Rosreestra with regional authorities and municipalities will be as in paper, and in electronic form in process of readiness of corresponding electronic services.

We have co-ordinated cards mezhdvedomstvennogo interactions concerning 91 federal state services and for nine months have already processed one million 97 inquiries. Leaders under references - Federal Agency of court enforcement officers, tax specialists, the Minister of Defence, migratory service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs - has told Antipin.

transition to it   will be the Following stage of the organisation of electronic interaction; notaries. However, they can in a test mode through a site of Rosreestra already receive the information from the Uniform state register of the rights to real estate and transactions with it.

transition to electronic interaction with judicial authority bodies " will be considered In the long term; - has opened the further plans zamglavy Rosreestra.

Experts of Ministry of economic development and trade consider, has told Antipin that on 13 socially significant services will be about 5 million inquiries a year.

We are ready to sustain such loading. All our territorial divisions are ready to it - she is assured. However problems while remain.

So, for example, regretfully ascertained the official, in a number of municipalities yet have not changed corresponding certificates and abuse a situation, demanding to bring those documents which are obliged to obtain on demand.

In that case it is possible to refer safely to the federal law and to declare that refusal of the official in service rendering will be appealed against in   bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor. Penalties from the concrete executor will make to 30 thousand roubles, and, I think, executors quickly will understand and unnecessary papers " will cease to demand from citizens; - it is assured Antipin.