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Bookmakers: Spaniards are favourites of a match with Portugal

In the European championship it is necessary to spend only three matches. The first of them will take place today on Donetsk Donbass - Arena where the permit in the ending will be played by Spanish national teams and Portugal. The meeting will begin in 22. 45 Moscow time.

Under forecasts of bookmakers, the obvious favourite of opposition are operating title holders - Spaniards. The probability of their victory is estimated as 1 to 1,92 while the factor on a victory of Portugueses makes 1 to 4,65. It - in spite of the fact that Portuguese national team never lost to neighbours in Iberian peninsula within the limits of the European superiority. Contenders met twice: one match has come to the end with a victory of Portugueses, another - a drawn game. But, as a whole, advantage on the party of Spain which of 34 internal games has won 15, seven has lost and 12 has reduced in a draw.

4 times Krishtianu Ronaldu got to a skeleton of gate on current Euro. It only on once is less, than for all other players together taken

to Compare today`s semifinalists we have asked the people familiar with both commands not by hearsay. Dmitry Cheryshev, in the stay by the player, has won back in Spanish an example six years, and upon termination of career worked in structure Madrid Real . Sergey Ovchinnikov protected four years gate of the Portuguese commands, including the Benfika and to Port .

1. Conformity to expectations

Dmitry Cheryshev: If to judge on a quarterfinal, it, of course, at all that we waited from Spaniards. All hope that all ahead, and the best game Spain will show in a semi-final and in the ending. However seen while leaves an unpleasant deposit. Yes, is derzhanie a ball, it, as always, at high level, but is not present a sharpness which was at David Vile and others attacking.

Sergey Ovchinnikov: All knew that Portugal - a good command, with fine selection of football players, but, it would be desirable, that their best match was ahead. I do not think that for those four matches which they have played, Portugueses had time to show everything, on what are capable. As to their progress on a championship course, at such forums as the European championship, it is difficult to foresee as you will play in this or that match. For Portugueses all has developed more or less successfully. Yes, in group there was a pressure, then, with Czechs, the minimum prize. Certainly, if to compare to Russian national team, our command in a group stage showed sometimes much brighter football. And where - that has carried Portugal, where - that still something.

2. As play tournament

Dmitry Cheryshev: Spaniards abuse for monotony. I will not argue, however in it their force. Spain deprives of the contender of a ball, forces it to play by the principles. Spaniards are constantly on half weeding the contender, deleting a ball from the gate, is too the important factor. It derzhaniem a ball, this monotony they search for those holes in which their brisk halfbacks can slip. Remember a match of Spaniards with Italy. Spain long could not hammer, to 75 - j minutes: they long - long searched lazeechku in the sated defence of the contender and have found it. Silva foot outer side has deduced Fabregasa on a shock position, and that has hammered. It is the most characteristic episode for present Spain.

Sergey Ovchinnikov: All southern commands are allocated tehnichnostju, their football players possess high individual skill, enough creative players that only there is Krishtianu Ronaldu. Here their philosophy from which Portugueses are not going to depart also is based on these moments, probably. It is said that a Portuguese national team problem - in absence of class forwards. I would disagree. All - taki Elder Poshtiga - attacking the European class. Another matter that at Portugueses game is under construction not at the expense of attacking, and in an average line. At them many quite good players, are not present sense of all to list. Half-backs very qualified plus extreme defenders who are always ready to support attack.

3. Who trains

Dmitry Cheryshev: Decisions of Visente del Boske on this tournament approve not all. For example, game without the forward. However del Boske very competent trainer. On companionable matches he has for certain decided for itself(himself) that available for it attacking are not absolutely entered in a play of the team, something it does not suffice quickly to adapt for this game. As a result in a role of a centre forward it can appear basic havbek and hammer in a ball. The big merit del Boske that conditions in a national team locker room now smart, despite an abundance of players from Barcelonas and Real . I tell it to you according to those people, which affairs in a course. The competition at club level within the limits of national championship is one. And a national team - here not a place to club ambitions. Football players play one national team, for honour of one country.

Sergey Ovchinnikov: I with Paulu Bentu was crossed, when he played for sporting . But I would not name its young: to it 43 years, we - almost coevals. In Europe it in general normal trainer`s age: only at us such trainers name young. And Paulu Bentu on - to mine ten works years on a trainer`s path. Bentu was very good player, clever. Trained sporting which at it though stars special also did not suffice, but possessed the game handwriting, the trainer`s hand was felt. I was not surprised, when him have called in a national team. Now Paulu proves that it the good expert, on - to mine, at it all turns out.

4. Leaders

Dmitry Cheryshev: I very much like all Spanish centre, and the best is Iniesta. Its composure, work volume, its working capacity, desire to play and enjoy football to play at a command - such football players very much are pleasant to me. Still would note Hordi Albu. Like the beginner, and with the volume of work it the left flank closes completely. From outside considerably that Spaniards do not have not enough Karlesa Pujolja. In - the first, Karles - the leader in razvdevalke, in - the second, in respect of teamwork, together with the Pique it, of course, looks more preferable. The finding of Pujolja in the field gave to more confidence to attacking lines. But Serhio Ramos who plays a position of Karlesa while with the duties consults not bad.

Sergey Ovchinnikov: Now many speak about dependence of Portuguese national team on Krishtianu Ronaldu. I do not understand a word dependence . Always in a command there is a player who more than others influences result. Krishtianu - just the strongly pronounced leader. And it is fine, when in a command there is such football player. Thank God, happiness for Portugueses that Ronaldu - their compatriot. Therefore, I would not think too much on a theme, the national team depends on it or does not depend. Ronaldu is a happiness so he should be perceived.

5. As will play

Dmitry Cheryshev: the manner of game of Portugueses is inconvenient For Spanish national team. Two extreme semiattacking to which I carry also Ronaldu, are very dangerous. Extreme defenders of Spaniards very highly go in to the attack, baring zones. If the such occurs and in a semi-final, Portugueses can punish. As a whole, I do not doubt that game will be very interesting, two-edged.

Sergey Ovchinnikov: This guessing on a coffee thick - as will develop game. I can assume that Spain will not change to itself, will supervise a ball with the big percent. But Portugueses are able to defend and, the main thing, are able to counterattack sharply. I think, wards of Bentu not begin to climb in attack, and will hope for individual qualities of Ronaldu and its partners in counterattacks. Anyway I wait for beautiful football.

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