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Sergey Fursenko has retired from post of the head RFS

Resignation could be expected. Perhaps and not such it is hasty - prompt, without having waited at all end of so burdensome superiority. However, and a shame similar the Russian football did not test very long ago.

Fursenko, the person, undoubtedly, intelligent, two with superfluous has entered year at all into that door back. It became clear already after one of the first steps of the new president of the Russian football union: acceptances of the Code of honour. Sounds smeshnovato. What honour and what code when also the trainers not got mixed up in corruption frauds have been compelled to give already in the face of Fursenko borrowed in last season points. Fursenko kept silence, people were perplexed. Sergey Aleksandrovich wanted as better and declared the future victory in the house championship - 2018. Reaction? One sneers. He on - to the present aspired to reforms, but head RFS and its new command were so are far from the people, and not only football that innovations of type of games in bitter colds caused only the grins which have been got mixed up on misunderstanding. It, unfortunately, remained the stranger among strangers.

And still its command did not know the price of money. We reproach RFS for seven millions the dollars paid masterovitomu, no more, to the Lawyer. Such serednjachok did not pull on ours with you and with RFS millions. Sergey Aleksandrovich who up to the end has remained fair, has paid off with resignation for search, having shown, in my opinion, a noble example. However very few people knows, foreign colleagues of the Lawyer a rank how many have received less. Van Lingenu paid for working out of ancient techniques. To his wife and soratnitse Vere Pauv for attempts in formation of female football. Now they have safely left, having grasped the denzhishcha and having left us, as Belief of Pauv, only with the parting letter which has been hung out on site RFS. Not clearly, that in it it is more - full profanation or nevertheless than naivety. I think, naiveties. For, as it seems to me, foreign spetsy low calibre so up to the end and have not understood, where and to whom they have got. As well as their many other foreign colleagues in the homeland absolutely unknown, however occupying set of posts in leading Russian football clubs and schools. This foreign domination seems illogical. If it gave though any results, and so?

here that occurs to us: the army is broken. Clearly that this football appeal of a national team has sputtered out, and to play selection to the World championship in the autumn. Commands are not present. It in completely razdryzgannom a condition. To wait from it for something it is vain. We will remember that in a selection cycle to us to meet about a minimum semifinalist Evro - 2012 Portugal which hammered to us and 7 balls. Has disappeared, the Flying Dutch has evaporated. And now in resignation and president RFS who should be re-elected within 40 days. For the Russian football in its present condition term extremely long.

Full disorder which nevertheless should be overcome tomorrow already. We completely in a viscous bog. And, to lift a head, it is necessary, without delaying, to choose the commander-in-chief: president RFS. Here there are two exits. The first: to appoint the political heavyweight who will resolve a situation, leaning against the tops. The second: what if to choose the professional? After all can be and such, original exit for our football. Especially both pros near at hand, are visible at first sight. He is Vitaly Mutko, let and holding already football post but who has told, what Vitaly Leontevichu cannot take and come the second time into water? Candidate N 2 - Nikolay Tolstyh. The professional football player and the most experienced football head, it many long years headed PFL. It is known besides rigid character for persistence, fierce fidelity to business, also fantastic workaholism.

And, can, this pair will unite and in a duet, slightly having attacked a throat own komandirskim to ambitions? And then it will be possible safely and to pass quickly to a choice of the trainer living where - that around the one seventh belonging our country of a part of a terrestrial land.