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On MMKF have shown latvijsko - the Russian picture Gulf Stream under an iceberg

Latvijsko - the Russian picture Gulf Stream under an iceberg from the basic competition of the Moscow international film festival belongs to that category of films which the program director 34 - go MMKF Cyril Razlogov calls as osataneloe an aestheticism .

the Director - documentation officer Evgenie Pashkevich who has removed on the Riga film studio more thirty neigrovyh, in 1989 debuting in game cinema a picture on Andrey Bitovu and here after twenty years for the first time in Moscow presented on jury and public court the second feature film (under own scenario), has made this time to us not simply beautifully, and it is essentially very beautiful. And in that this not keen admiring details as film lyrical digressions, and the confident and realised author`s position, the director lets know from the first steps of the film which all advantages can be estimated, only if to be reserved by a fair share of patience.

the night wave Picturesquely runs. Not sleeping wasp whom any ill fate has brought in the sea, lives the last minutes - still an instant, and from the ship straight in its eternity smoet water. Then we will find out it, dead, on a naked stomach of the pregnant medieval woman; further - the large portrait plan - already live, rather naturalistically today touching in front of the chamber with a strong enlarger pads... Dramatic nature in this plot there will be a zero: on a plot we will repeatedly endure reincarnation of an insect - in 1664, 1883 - m and 1990 - m. Also will symbolise it persuasive thought in a film that women of all times and the people share on the being or on importunate flies, or on hardworking bees, or on graceful, but harmful wasps. There is among them one individual of the feminine gender representing the maximum danger to representatives of the man`s: immortal Lilit - on mentions in ancient legends of the East, the Talmud, kabbalisticheskih Middle Ages books - Adam`s created not from an edge the first wife, as Eve, and from clay, as well as he. The old legend about Lilit also has inspired Evgenie Pashkevich on creation of several film short stories about the phenomena of the unusual woman, spotless a fall of man which managed to be avoided prokljatja, imposed on Eve and its posterity. Its mission in a film demonic, a role in the history - eroticheski - doubtful: It seizes men, completely paralizuja their will and suppressing reason, and then leaves for ever, leaving after itself an insuperable pain lost and unwillingness to possess any more terrestrial creations. It does not have soul and there is no age, too it is few emotions, it is neutral, because it - on what founders of a picture - absolutely other nature strongly insist.

young actresses have been invited To a role of the woman of unearthly beauty some. But their functions in a picture were reduced, more likely, to decorative - applied. Whether because by a most important task it was put against obvious man`s insanity to look creation with total absence of soul and superhuman abilities. Whether because the main things in this history nevertheless appeared a victim - men, and we looked at charms of eternal Lilit Ville Haapasalo, Daniel Kozlovsky and Alexey Serebryakov`s eyes. But most likely because and remains a riddle: With whom the author of a film sympathises more - to women or insects. To insects or women. After Gulf Stream under an iceberg you in it definitively will get confused and will cease to understand women. Or insects.