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Since July, 1st in Moscow the ground transport schedule

Since July, 1st when Moscow will have new borders, there will be some changes and in the transport message in attached territories. Work changes first of all ground transport will concern. Electric trains while will go under the former schedule.

Now there as have informed in department of transport and development of a road and transport infrastructure, pass 120 routes from which half belongs to the private carriers working under noncontrollable tariffs, and as much - mostransavto and mosgortransu . According to the reached agreements while all routes remain. And only 8 from them become completely city and are transferred mosgortransu . For their passengers capital transport workers promise to start up modern high-capacity buses of ecological classes of Euro - 4 and Euro - 5, and also to liquidate fairly annoying passengers day two - three-sentries windows . Flights becomes on 20 - 40 % more. Thus, mosgortrans receives following routes: N 30 Moscow - Station Vnukovo N 304 Metro station JUgo - Western - Troitsk N 420 Metro station JUgo - Western - the Integrated poultry farm Marino N 17 Troitsk (microdistrict In ) - Troitsk (Shopping centre) N 33 Troitsk (microdistrict In ) - Jakovlevo N 60 Troitsk - Minzag and others.