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To the Russian economists will pay training abroad

Within the limits of the Petersburg economic forum the Agency of strategic initiatives (ASYA) has presented the program Global formation .

- We will pay study of the Russian students in leading high schools of the world then new experts will take root into economy of Russia, - head of a direction of ASYA " has explained; Young professionals Dmitry Peskov. - the participant of the program can study in any of 300 leading high schools of the world. Training provides only magistrskie and doctor`s programs as at training in a bachelor degree the probability is high that the person will not return back to the country.

Having returned to Russia, graduates will work in four major directions: Management of the Russian high schools, preparation a high tech - experts for technological platforms, shots for establishments of social sphere, the state municipal management.

Similar schemes already work in China, Brazil, Kazakhstan on different conditions. For example, in Kazakhstan it is required to hand over for the period of training as a deposit apartment as a returning guarantee, in China there are no severe constraints. Russia has chosen the scheme on which agreements on a percentage loan will be entered into. The state pays study abroad, and then after returning for three years of work in Russia the expert pays expenses on the formation.

In case of receipt of the candidate for foreign high school the state enters into the agreement with the student, and money for training are transferred into account university. Till 2015 for program realisation plan to allocate about five billions roubles. The program example in other countries has shown that percent brain drains At such scheme considerably decreases. As inform in ASYAS, the project of the decree of the president about the beginning of action of the program can be signed the next months.