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In Italy the whole lonely village

world famous auction Ebay is on sale One of these days has replenished with the unusual announcement from Italy. One of local agencies on real estate has decided not to waste time on trifles and expose the whole settlement on sale.

the Small town Pratarachchija entering into municipality Stija of a province of Arezzo, any interested person, ready to fork up on 2 can get now. 5 million euro and to be enclosed in its infrastructure. The matter is that here already throughout 50 - ti years in this settlement, literally this word, the foot of the person did not go. On a total area in 5 thousand metres and 8 hectares have settled down 25 houses and several buildings and the constructions which completely are subject to restoration.

Houses in this settlement belong to the several families living on a constant basis in Tuscany. They throughout long years unsuccessfully search for buyers. Thanks to the Internet of Pratarachchiej some businessmen already have become interested, wished will familiarise with drawings of houses - the head of municipality Stija Luka Santini has told with hope of the prompt restoration of small town.