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The director of the airport in Mexico City is suspected of communications with narcocartels

the General director of the international airport of Mexico City Ektor Velasquez - and - the Crown can be connected with the narcocartels which are carrying out transit of drugs.

the Airport of Mexico City became for a long time one of the basic transshipment narcocorridors whom criminal groupings use, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

the Messages sent to the USA by numerous agents of special services, working in Mexico, directly specify in the general director of the airport. Besides participation in the narcotraffic, to it partnership in such crimes, as transportation of illegal migrants and delivery of aviation fuel to the black market is attributed.

Velasquez - and - the Crown enters into a near circle of the president of Mexico Felipe Calderon conducting since 2006 uncompromising struggle with the organised crime and a drug mafia.

It costs at a management of the airport from the beginning of 2005. In 2011 the airport of Mexico City has transported 26,3 million passengers that does by its second airport of Latin America after one of three airports the Dignity - Paulu.