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In Smolensk has passed meeting of white dressing gowns

On Saturday in the centre of Smolensk, on the area at a monument to architect Feodor Konju has passed meeting of medical workers under the slogan For worthy medicine authorised by a city administration. According to representatives of management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Smolensk region, 60 persons have taken part in it nearby, but organizers consider such estimation essentially underestimated and assert that 150 persons took part in meeting nearby.

the Physicians who have solved publicly to declare discontent by the financial position, left on meeting in white dressing gowns with slogans: 7 thousand roubles - the price of 7 years of study the Poor doctor - sick Russia   we Change the salary of the physician on official Medicine are people, and not just buildings and technics . In their opinion, the domestic medicine is seriously sick, and those attempts to cure it which are undertaken now by the state, are inefficient.

- the First and main problem of domestic medicine - humiliating low, ridiculous salaries, - one of organizers of the action, the doctor - cardiologist Vitaly Ivanov has informed. - the beginning doctor receives about six thousand roubles, the doctor with the experience - 10 - 12 thousand roubles. Unless now on this money it is possible to live? On them it is impossible even to rent one-room apartment - in Smolensk it is necessary to pay for it of not less 12 thousand. To us promise increase of salaries twice since January, 1st, 2018. And why not since this year, how to the military man and police, and not from the following, how to employees of federal service of execution of punishments? We are the same state employees, only, unlike listed, nobody will give us apartment to 35 - to 40 years, we are compelled for it to postpone. And from what to postpone? Therefore the requirement is included in the resolution of our meeting about immediate increase of the salary to medical workers in 1,5 times. On Monday we will transfer the resolution to a management of regional department on public health services and the governor.

Anything similar to this meeting in Smolensk done not happen till now. The organisation of the previous protest actions of the state employees which participants demanded salary increase, the country council of trade unions always was engaged. The present action - informal, its idea has arisen in medical community of one of social networks, and in life the initiative group was engaged in an embodiment. As organizers, " speak; it has not interested a management of trade union .