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The World championship on mas - to wrestling in Yakutsk was won by Victor Kolibabchuk

In the first absolute World championship which has come to the end in Yakutsk on mas - to wrestling the victory was gained by the repeated champion of Russia and Europe on this sport, the giant from Smolensk Victor Kolibabchuk.

to measure swords home mas - wrestling there have arrived 16 athletes from various regions of Russia and nine countries - Poland, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Armenia, Mongolia and Azerbaijan. More recently this sport began to be spread outside of Yakutia, but to the Yakut sportsmen who for the present are considered most tehnichnymi, already it was necessary hardly.

In final fight Victor Kolibabchuk has changed the owner of competitions Evgenie Sivtsev. The third place was won by the veteran of sports, 43 - the summer athlete from Yakutia Anatoly Baishev.

- Fights have passed in fair and persistent struggle. Evgenie always was the worthy contender that has confirmed and this time. I did not expect a victory. Now me emotions gush over, I am happy. I thank spectators, organizers of the championship for so emotional support, high level of carrying out of games, - Victor Kolibabchuk upon termination of competitions has shared impressions.

Of fights on a scaffold observed more than two and a half thousand spectators - mas - wrestling in Yakutia is very popular. However, it has already stepped over borders not only republics, but also Eurasia, having found admirers in the Near East and the American continent. The championship has passed in Yakutsk under the aegis of the International and All-Russia federations of this sport.