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In the Far East 100 forest fires

In Far East federal district for the past days, according to forestry Department on DFO are registered, 100 taiga fires are registered almost.

Practically half from them - 48 - storms in territory of Khabarovsk territory. Inhabitants of the regional centre, and also settlements suffer from a caustic smoke Ulchsky, Komsomol, Solar, a name of Poliny Osipenko and other areas. In edge fire captures 2,8 thousand hectares of woods. Frequently dry thunder-storms were the disaster reason.

- Services lesozashchity by means of operative groups of the Ministry of Emergency Measures liquidated 20 and have localised 27 taiga fires in five subjects of district, - have informed the correspondent in a press - service forestry Department on DFO. - Fire has passed for days of 2014 hectares of the wood areas.

Liquidation of ignitions in DFO occupies from above 2150 persons. They extinguish fire in Khabarovsk territory, Yakutia, on Sakhalin, in the Amur and Magadan areas.

In the meantime from the beginning of an inflammable season on the earths of wood fund of the Far East there were 1776 fires, the flame has destroyed over 165 thousand hectares of taiga grounds.