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The authorities: the Pedestrian walks on the new bridge in Vladivostok nevertheless will take place

the Bridge through a bay the Gold Horn constructed within the limits of preparation for September summit ATES, after commissioning all - taki will make in the order of pedestrians for three days. In general the pedestrian movement on this bridge transition is not provided.

the Action On foot on the bridge should take place from July, 6 till July, 8th. However walks have been cancelled. From - for long rainy weathers in May necessary works on a waterproofing and asphalt packing have not been finished in time. On July, 5th builders have informed that in the first day of the walk promised to townspeople they will asphalt the bridge.

- the Pedestrian walks on the bridge through a bay while should be postponed the Gold Horn. mostovikam time is necessary for end of all works still, - the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev has noted in the blog. - As before, I consider that townspeople should have an opportunity to take a walk on the bridge, to make memorable photos. Therefore the action On foot on the bridge which, I know, has supported all Vladivostok, we will spend necessarily, probably, in the beginning of August.

the Inquiry

the Bridge through a bay the Gold Horn will provide through service between two areas of Vladivostok - the centre and cape Tchurkin, will lower transport costs for inhabitants, will accelerate journey, will improve ecological conditions.

By the way, it is the bridge after building end will enter into number of five of the largest vantovyh world bridges.