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SK has begun check upon  destruction of people on Kuban during elements

According to all available information, as a result of elements revelry in three areas of Kuban 78 persons were lost.

- Now our inspectors work in the Crimean area, Novorossisk and Gelendzhik, - the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SKR on edge Ivan Sengerov has told to the correspondent. - Criminal case is raised only upon  destruction of five people from a current rush in Gelendzhik. As to the information on wire breakage, from - for what there was a tragedy, while it only the assumption which is necessary for checking. Our inspectors now work on a scene.

According to SK, in different areas of Gelendzhik bodies of four women with signs utoplenija are found out. In Novorossisk with similar signs of death bodies of the woman and the man are found out. Survey of bodies of three victims in settlement territory Nizhnebakansky the Crimean area is now organised. Departure on other sites of district is complicated from - for strong floodings. Nevertheless inspectors now try to break and in other zones CHS.

the List of victims

Police officers have established persons of the lost people in Krymske:
Klimenko Nadezhda Antonovna, Krymsk, Lenin`s street 169;
Lysenko,   street Krymsk Soviet 63;
Streletsky Valentina Efimovna, Krymsk, street Sandy 29;
Kupreeva Love of Nikolaevna, h. Mogukorovo, street Guerrilla 39; Andros Zynaida Alekseevna, 28. 10. 1929 r, Krymsk, street Camp 209;
Kodatko Lydia Ivanovna, 25. 10. 1928, Krymsk, street Furmanova 47;
Big fish Zynaida Aleksandrovna, 84 years, Krymsk, street Podgornaja 31;
Gritsenko Zynaida Konstantinovna, 11. 10. 1928, Krymsk, street Camp 133;
Grishchenko Lyudmila Vjacheslavovna, 1969, Krymsk, street Sandy 5;
Jakimenko Maria,   Krymsk, Ostrovsky`s street 46;
Jakimenko Ekaterina,   Ostrovsky`s street Krymsk 46;
Petrov Angelina Rafaelovna, 10. 11. 1947, h. Armenian Mironov`s street 88/;
Pavlenko Vyacheslav Evgenevich, 1979, street Krymsk Krasnoarmejsky 59;
  Bondozhenok Eudoxia Spiridonovna, 12. 03. 1941, street Krymsk Rejaslovsky 7;
Dmitrienko Alexander Georgievich, 59 years., Ostrovsky`s street Krymsk 10;
Dobrovolsky Eudoxia Andreevna, 13. 03. 1927, Voroshilov`s street Krymsk 30;
Kosygina Svetlana Petrovna, 75 years,   Krymsk, street Camp 130;
Hablova Elizabeth Grigorevna, 1931, Krymsk, street Rejaslovsky 42;
Azarenko Maria Vladimirovna, 1971, Krymsk, Lenin`s street 165;
Markozova Valentina Semenovna, 1919, Krymsk, street Gas 30;
Mickiewicz Natalia, 1977,   Krymsk, street Soviet 216;
Mickiewicz Albina, 10 years,   Krymsk, street Soviet 216;
Korovin Valentine Fedorovna, 13. 11. 1928, Krymsk, street Troitsk 68;
Salova Lydia Efimovna, 1930,   Krymsk, Lunacharsky`s street 268;
Korneyev Sergey Vasilevich, 25. 05. 1954, h. A new Ukrainian, street Mountain 52.
Shalashkina Nina Nikiforovna, 29. 07. 1931, street Krymsk Dzerzhinsky 48;
it is necessary to address For fuller information in OMVD on the Crimean area 8(86131) 4 - 78 - 85.