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The Ministry of Emergency Measures: 41 persons was lost on Kuban from - for elements revelry

Under the operative data, 21 persons became a victim of blow of the elements which have fallen to Krasnodar territory where for the past days has dropped out almost three monthly norms of deposits. On it to the correspondent was informed by the chief of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Krasnodar territory Alexander Kazlikin.

- Nine victims in Gelendzhik, one - in Novorossisk and, under the operative data, the others - in the Crimean area. Now these figures are specified, - Kazlikin has told.

According to the main rescuer of Kuban, the situation in Gelendzhik and Novorossisk, whence gradually leaves water, was stabilised. And here in Krymske conditions remain difficult. The emergency situation mode is entered into all got to a zone of flooding municipal unions.

As informs a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Krasnodar territory, in Gelendzhik in a flooding zone at the moment remain nearby 1000 pridvorovyh territories in which live 2270 persons. About 200 local residents and visitors of a resort are evacuated. People are placed at schools of Gelendzhik and village Divnomorsky. Six persons have addressed for medical aid, three from them are hospitalised. In Divnomorsky are impounded 925 pridvorovyh territories and 80 houses (in them live 2775 persons).

From - for plentiful deposits the river have overflowed banks. In the Crimean area and suburb of Novorossisk the river Bakanka has impounded over 50 houses of inhabitants of settlement Nizhnebakansky, and the river Neberdzhaevka - about 80 houses of inhabitants of village Neberdzhaevsky. In the Black Sea settlement the Kabardian (it is near to Gelendzhik) in a flooding zone there were 60 home ownerships with the population of 210 persons.

In the city of Krymske 110 farmsteads with the population of 450 persons, 58 of which - children are impounded. The majority of them on - former escapes on roofs and attics of two-storeyed houses.

- We since three nights sit on an attic at neighbours, - Marina Efeshina has told to the correspondent by phone. - Our house along the street Aagumsky, 200 is completely flooded, me and a seven-year daughter has rescued the neighbour. The attic of its two-storeyed home ownership has turned in evakopunkt - here there are women, old men and children. Kids ask to eat, but to give to them while there is nothing. Over the house turned the saving helicopter: we hoped that at least a roll of bread and a bottle with water will dump, but the car has departed. The promised boats while too have not approached. The water level like would start to decrease, however all are afraid of new blow of elements.

By words a press - the secretary of regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation of Tatyana Kobzarpenko, the helicopter did flight for the purpose of specification of operative conditions. the help to people goes, - she has informed. - In total 622 persons of staff are involved in a rescue operation, 104 units of technics. Arrival of additional forces from Rostov-on-Don in the near future is expected, whence the big group of experts 495 saving centres " at night was put forward;.

By the way

In GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Krasnodar territory is created an emergency response centre where all information is flown down. In Central administrative board phone " works; a hot line - 8(861) 268 - 64 - 40.