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Tkachev has headed a staff on liquidation of consequences of elements on Kuban

All forces available on Kuban and means of fast reaction are directed on liquidation of consequences of the elements which have fallen yesterday and this night on some areas of edge. From - for plentiful rains and the spread rivers in a disaster zone there was Gelendzhik, Novorossisk and the Crimean area. The created emergency response centre was headed by governor Alexander Tkachev.

Having visited Gelendzhik, it has laid out in tvittere photos and has shared impressions of the seen: the Show, of course, very sad. Water went such stream that asphalt turned out. It is the central city street Gelendzhik. Has held here emergency response centre session on liquidation CHS at night. In places water has descended, but not everywhere .

On Saturday the head of edge has made helicopter flight of the Crimean area where consequences of blow of elements have appeared the most dramatic. According to preliminary data, 35 persons here were lost, and all 46 inhabitants became victims of July tragedy on Kuban already.

Alexander Tkachev from a helicopter board could observe, how people escape on roofs and to estimate the sizes of disaster.

- From Krymska the governor has returned to Gelendzhik where these minutes takes place emergency response centre sessions, - has told to the correspondent a press - the secretary of the governor Anna Minkova. - the Situation on a resort is stabilised, here at full speed there are works on clearing of quay and restoration of the communications destroyed by elements. Having a rest which have decided to leave before term home, help to exchange old or to get new tickets. At staff session the information on number of the people who have suffered and remained without a roof over the head is specified.

By words a press - the secretary, in all areas the edge goes gathering of the humanitarian help which has already started to arrive to Gelendzhik and other suffered settlements. These are folding beds, bed-clothes, meal, mineral water, hygienic accessories. The material damage is not counted up yet.

On Saturday the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Vladimir Puchkov as it was already informed, has held in Moscow emergency response centre session on liquidation of consequences of elements in Krasnodar territory. The head of department has promised that suffered from storm rains material aid will be rendered.

I ask to organise operatively preparation of lists of families with a view of rendering of material support by it - the minister has disposed. He has specified that the corresponding order of the government already prepares. from the federal budget everyone will receive for loss of articles of prime necessity on 100 thousand roubles, for partial - on 50 thousand roubles, without considering material aid - the main rescuer of the country has told.