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In Novorossisk and Krymske from - for downpours there was an emergency situation

Already almost days in several areas of Krasnodar territory go strong downpours. The first as it was already informed, under elements blow the resort city of Gelendzhik has got. And in the night from Friday to Saturday has flooded Novorossisk and Krymsk. In Novorossisk in some hours here has dropped out two monthly norms of deposits - from above 100   millimetres. In a city mode CHS is declared.

Really the drama situation has developed in Krymske where water streams from mountains have directed. Over hundred houses here are flooded practically under a roof. In a disaster zone there was a microdistrict located practically in city centre, - at once behind the bridge, near the market, and also two next villages Neberdzhaevsky and Nizhnebakansky.

- water has gone promptly, - Marina Efeshina living in the street Adagumsky, the house 200 has told to the correspondent. - We with a daughter have woken up from noise about two o`clock in the morning and with horror have seen that water rises on walls. Have tried to jump out on street, but could not open a door. If not the help of neighbours would sink. The blessing, has come running neighbour Sasha, has opened a door and visors us to itself. At it the two-storeyed house, moreover an attic where we now also escape. Here the people with all okrugi have gathered. Mobile phones are discharged, to rescuers we can not phone.

About same Nina Petrovna Stepanenko with Rejaslovsky, 24 has told. As it was found out, it - quarter microdistrict.

- From one o`clock in the morning I lifted the people, - Nina Petrovna speaks. - Ran on streets, it was knocked on all doors and when has returned to the house, has seen that   it has flooded. Has got on a roof, I sit here one and I do not know, whether who will rescue me now.

At half past five a.m. the correspondent has called the chief of regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Alexander Kazlikinym and has informed it on these two disturbing addresses.

- All of us know, - he has told. - by cars there it is impossible to reach. Now our rescuers by 15 boats reach to people suffering disaster. Besides, the helicopter is involved in a rescue operation.

In seven mornings a press - the service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on edge has informed that six inhabitants of Krymska have addressed for medical aid, three from them are hospitalised.

In Novorossisk have appeared many streets are impounded. The stream of water rushing from mountains on them vyvorochena trotuarnaja a tile, tumbles down fences. Rescuers evacuated from the flooded houses more than 50 persons.

To   to a dawn the water level has started to fall down, but the forecast as the chief of city department GO and CHS Igor Vasilev has informed, unfavourable. Field services work in a mode of the raised readiness, modular evacuation points for placing of people in case of situation deterioration are organised. C do not exclude that in the near future the tornado can fall upon a city.

Movement on highways from Novorossisk and Gelendzhik is limited from - for floodings and stagnant water. While serious failures it is not fixed, but to move in such conditions dangerously. The traffic police recommended to those who in is ways, to stop and wait a bad weather.

As soon as that was found out, water has filled in a site of a federal highway Krasnodar - Novorossisk, its level on 117 - m kilometre (this site is located between Crimean and Novorossisk) has reached on Saturday morning 50 centimetres. Movement on this site of a line is at present stopped.