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Basketball players Ural Mountains will play in the Cup of call FIBA with Romanians

In German small town Frajzing the toss-up of the European Cup of call FIBA of a season - 2012/ has taken place 13 years. 32 commands have been divided into eight groups. Four more participants of tournament become known upon termination of a qualifying stage.

Basketball players Ekaterinburg Ural Mountains will begin the way to the Cup of a call with qualification. They should meet the bronze prize-winner of the championship of Romania - club Gas Methane from the city of Mediash. The first match will pass on September, 25th on a visit, reciprocal - on October, 2nd in Ekaterinburg. The winner of this pair in a following round will play in group D together with Ukrainian the Chemist Estonian Tartu and French Dijon .

In the past season Gas Methane became the winner of the regular championship of Romania, having gained 22 victories and having lost only six matches. However in plej - off the command has acted less successfully: in a semi-final gazoviki have conceded to the future champion - to club Asesoft from Ploeshti. And in a series for the third place Gas Methane has twice beaten JU - Mobitelko (Kluzh - Napoka). By the way, to a national championship semi-final gazoviki reach the third year successively. And still gas Methane is the owner of the Cup of Romania - 2011.

In last season in a line-up four Americans and three representatives of the Yugoslavian basketball school acted.