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Wounded Russians have returned to road accident from Ukraine by planes of the Ministry of Emergency Measures

the Plane of the Ministry of Emergency Measures delivered 14 wounded men in Ukraine Russians to Moscow for treatment. To a board arrival on airdrome territory has driven about 20 ambulance cars.

It transported victims in road accident of orthodox pilgrims home. They will be sent in the Pskov regional hospital, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

the Bus with 43 passengers from the city of Velikie Luki of the Pskov area has turned over in the Chernigov area of Ukraine. 14 Russians were lost, 29 have got wounds.

For victims from Moscow the plane of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Silt - 76, equipped with mobile medical modules for transportation of critically wounded patients, and also the plane the Yak - 42 has arrived.

On the Yak - 42 there have arrived psychologists for work with victims. By this board to Pskov are delivered 11 more person which do not need medical aid or whose condition is not heavy, and also bodies of 14 victims.

four More victims remain in hospitals of Ukraine. Three from them are recognised by doctors by nontransportable. One more person remains in Ukraine in connection with investigatory actions.