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Roger Federer became the sevenfold champion of Wimbledon

the Swiss tennis player Roger Federer became the sevenfold champion of Wimbledon and has returned itself a rank of the first racket of the world.

In the tournament ending the Grand Slam on a grass of Federer has won British Andy Marreja with the account 4:6, 7:5, 6:3, 6:4. Thus, hopes of fans of Great Britain that at last - that the Wimbledon title takes the local tennis player have failed. However Marrej has reached for the first time the ending on the native courts and has shown very high class. Cooperation with the great tennis player, nowadays trainer Ivan Lendlom has affected. Andy, infinitely talented sportsman,   began to play both is more powerful, and is more various, and that the most important thing, now it trusts in a victory. Undoubtedly, further he will necessarily win tournament the Grand Slam . About it it is possible to tell only so: It is a pity that he plays the same epoch when on court there is a tennis player of all times and the people Roger Federer . However, can, it and is good. In spite of the fact that Marreja while do not have titles in the most important championships - it now, it turns out, in the fourth time was the finalist, - it adequately represents the magnificent four of the best players of the world is Roger Federer, Serb Novak Dzhokovich, Spaniard Raphael Nadal and it, British Andy Marrej.

As to Federera, it next week will return on the first line of a rating of Association of tennis players - professionals. It will displace Serb Novak Dzhokovicha who was at top throughout 54 weeks since July, 4th, 2011. Thus, Federer will be made even to American Pitom Sampras by quantity of weeks on the first place. Sampras was on this line throughout 286 weeks.

If to speak about a match course in the beginning Marrej perfectly well operated. Federer played beautifully, but it is not aggressive, as if acted in an indicative duel. At the same time it was felt: if Roger flied over court Andy dug the earth, that is a grass. All - taki draws, than to the native of Basel were more hard given to the Scot. Attracts attention that fact that to a present duel of an abacus of personal meetings was in favour of Marreja - 8:7, and now tennis players were made even. After in a meeting contenders have exchanged sets and have started to play the third party, the rain has gone. Organizers have decided to close a roof - as a result of a break has made an order of 50 minutes. Then the main things figurants have returned on the central arena and have continued a match, which proceeded if to consider pure game time 3 hours of 24 minutes.

Federer has considerably improved the game after a pause. He began to play more purely, more powerfully and even more variously. Marrej has fallen time four - all - taki a grass though and in time has been closed, hardly - hardly povlazhnela.   In the subsequent parties advantage of Federera was felt more and more.   but, truth, Andy was perfectly well protected.

During rewarding ceremony were both smiles, and tears. Federer has had a little cry with happiness, Marrej could not speak, did not sob almost. He worried because that has lost, but was deeply moved because it even more so public strongly supported. I love you! - has said Andy, and it was the reference not only to his mother, a family, the girlfriend, a trainer`s command. It was the reference to all spectators, to all inhabitants of Great Britain. all who helped me, all being in my box have performed magnificent work, - Andy has told. Is it was heavy, and I am grateful to them. And, of course, thanks all of you, spectators, fans .

Federer calmed the burst into tears friend - the contender, about something has joked, tennis players have begun to smile. He has thanked everything, and has, of course, told thanks a family. At this time one of his daughters was held on hands by mum, and another - the wife of the World.

  Andy played perfectly well, it has made everything to win, - Federer has told. - I   it was once again convinced that this tournament, what place it means for all occupies in the tennis world. I think that my two best matches on this Wimbledon had on a semi-final and the ending. Certainly, I am very glad that have managed to win and again to take in hands the main trophy of tournament. Since I had last time control over this cup, much has changed. That I was made even to Pitom Sampras by quantity of victories on Wimbledon, is is more tremendous. I remember, how last year in a quarterfinal conducted here with the account 2:0 on sets in a match against Zho - Vilfrida Tsonga, but   has lost. However I all the same did not cease to believe that I will manage to win once again on Wimbledon .

the British has told the following: Many said that Roger grows old, to it 30 years. But it perfectly looks for 30 years! It has shown remarkable tennis. Roger, I congratulate you, you have deserved this trophy .