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Vladimir Klichko in the second time has sent Thompson in a knockout

As summoned up courage 40 - summer American Tony Thompson before fight with an Ukrainian supertjazhem Vladimir Klichko as tried to take away at 36 - the summer champion title IBF, but their second internal meeting has ended the same as also the first, - with a knockout.

And after all Klichko - younger recognised that Thompson has trumps. They not only already boxed with Tony in 2008. Besides, at various times Thompson sparringoval with both brothers of Klichko.

- He knows me better, than any other boxer, - marked Vladimir Klichko. - On a hand to it should play and high motivation. For it it is last chance in career to become the world champion. As a rule, at this stage of the sports biography any sportsman is very dangerous.

However Thompson to use the knowledge not the smog, and the stimulus has not worked. But Klichko experience of joint fights and trainings has obviously done good. If four years ago he has won a technical knockout in 11 - m a round now has not left the slightest chance to the opponent already in the sixth.

At first, in the end of the fifth round, Klichko has sent Thompson in a heavy knock-down, and in the end of the sixth - in a knockout. The American has managed to rise from a floor before the readout termination, however the referee has judged that Thompson not in a condition to continue fight. So Klichko has protected a title under the version of the International federation of boxing in 12 - j time. We will remind that Vladimir also owns belts WBO (the World boxing organisation) and WBA (the World boxing association).

Despite the effective ending, the meeting in Bern has not involved special attention of German televiewers which are a good judge of good fights. At a duel of Klichko - Thompson have looked 8,28 million person. Vladimir`s two previous fights were much more popular. A duel with David Heem in July, 2011 at TV screens watched 15,50 million Germans, and with Jean - Mark Mormekom in March of this year of 12,26 million person.