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From the ships of Naval Forces of Taiwan the classified information

again was gone has not passed also month after scandal in Naval Forces of Taiwan concerning loss of the laptop with the confidential information as in military fleet of this country there was one more similar incident - this time from the ships two cards with the confidential data have disappeared.

As inform local mass-media, loss of confidential cards has been revealed during levy of execution of several torpedo boats which were subject to write-off. Officers - checking and could not achieve intelligible explanatories concerning a site of cards from commanders of the ships then the decision to begin an investigation with attraction of military Office of Public Prosecutor was accepted. Simultaneously in Naval Forces of Taiwan the order in which it is required to toughen rules of the reference with the confidential data is published.

As marks the edition Junajted Dejli of the News With the reference of not named source in military circles, on the gone cards there was really serious information. In particular, there it has been specified, where the ships of Naval Forces of Taiwan in case of war should settle down. if it comes into the hands of enemies our fleet will appear simply naked and defenceless before attack of the opponent - the newspaper of a word of the interlocutor gives.

we Will note, in June from a rocket carrier Kuang Hua 6 the Taiwan military fleet the laptop where the classified information contained was gone. The device belonged to the firm which was engaged in testing of systems shifrovannoj of communication for Naval Forces. A situation piquancy was added by that fact that the computer has disappeared during ship parking in the centre main military - sea base of the country. we are compelled to recognise that our Naval Forces could not provide properly control over the base personnel - the representative of the Minister of Defence of Taiwan strewed a head ashes. authorship Taiwanese have attributed abductions to the Chinese special services, but thus recognised that proofs of participation in scandal of agents of Beijing while are not present.