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Russians celebrate day of a family, love and fidelity

Day of a family, and fidelity it is marked love in Russia and behind its limits.

the Holiday is dated for day of memory of sacred Peter and Fevronii Murom - patrons of a family and marriage.

This holiday urged to draw attention to the Russian family as to the keeper spiritually - moral values, informs ITAR - TASS.

According to life sacred, blagovernyj prince Peter was the second son of Murom prince Yury Vladimirovicha. The prince has fallen in love with Fevroniju for its piety, wisdom and kindness and has vowed to marry it. But boyars have not wanted to have the princess of a simple rank and have demanded, that the prince has left it. Peter, having learnt that it want to separate from the favourite wife, has preferred to refuse voluntary the power and riches and to leave together with it in exile. They have died everyone in the cell in one day and hour - on July, 8th (on old style - on June, 25th) 1228.

Approximately in 300 years after death Peter and Fevronija have been canonised by Russian Orthodox Church.

the Tradition of secular celebrating of day of Peter and Fevronii has been restored muromtsami in 1990 - h years: a City Day have decided to unite with day of family values, transfers RIA Novosti news agency.

Under Svetlana Medvedevoj`s offer the holiday symbol had been chose a camomile.

Annually in Day of a family, love and fidelity the public award - a medal for love and fidelity is handed over to the best families of Russia.

this day spouses, children and grandsons try to show especial care of the family, give each other the bouquets of camomiles symbolising cleanliness of relations and fidelity.

Enamoured believe that the marriage concluded on July, 8th, will be strong and long.