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Muscovites collect the help suffered from flooding in Krasnodar territory

In Moscow the centres of gathering of the humanitarian help for suffered from flooding in Krasnodar territory have opened.

the Central official point in capital - Youth social council at the prefect of the Central administrative district (Mira prospectus, 70). It will work since July, 9th with 14. 00. Collect here things, I will gain, ware, the foodstuffs, toys. Are besides organised daily with 14. 00 points of gathering of the help in each of 10 districts. So in the centre one more point works for the central input in TSPKiO a name Bitter, in the east of a city about a Moscow Council cinema (the Preobrazhenskiy area, the house 12). On jugo - the east about a supermarket the Seventh continent street Young Lenintsev, the house 12. About the underground Kolomna, Antropov`s prospectus, the house 27, at a cinema the Orbit . At metro station New Cheremushki Street Trade-union, the house 56, nearby TTS CHeremushki . In the west of a city nearby TTS Gorbushkin a court yard (Barclay`s street, the house 8). In the north of a city at an input on stadium the Motorist (street Bashilovsky, the house 41). On severo - the east near the underground Timirjazevsky, Dobrolyubov`s street 19/ 26, about the Center of the help to a family and children the Spring And on severo - the West near metro station Tushinsky about an exit to suburban trains. In Zelenograd the help collect near/ d station Krjukovo, at ticket offices on the party of the Old city.

Many Muscovites, without waiting, when will earn official points of reception of the help, have decided to open backward points of gathering of the help. In particular one of points of the help in Sunday worked for a Moscow State University viewing point on mountains Vorobevyh. we have decided to organise the help, have employed the truck and within Sunday collected things, then we will go in Krymsk - has explained the initiator of gathering student Vsevolod Vinogradov. - And as far as I know, such point not one, volunteers from Marino, Mitino and other areas " collect;.

it is possible to look at Addresses of the help in Moscow in Tvittere, Fejsbuke, or in ZHZH, for example, to http address:// krymskhelp. livejournal. com/ 1495. html