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Brejviku will bring accusation on March, 7th

the Statement of claim against terrorist Anders Brejvika, including a charge part, it will be published on Wednesday on March, 7th. On it today informs TV channel NRK.

past Friday the Office of Public Prosecutor has finished work on drawing up of charge which will be presented Brejviku in the presence of its lawyers. In the document in volume of 18 pages the course of events in Oslo and on island Utyoja is described on July, 22nd, 2011.

It contains names of all of 150 extremists who have suffered from hands the person, including 77 victims. According to experts, Brejviku will be brought accusations under article, the concerning organisation of acts of terrorism and murders on purpose to prevent realisation of basic functions of a society and creations serious sensation of fear among the population .

we Will remind that explosion at a complex of the governmental buildings in the centre of Oslo where the office of premieres - the minister settles down, has thundered on July, 22nd in 15. 22 on the Norwegian time (17. 22 Moscow time). In some hours the man in the police form has opened shooting in a scout camp on island Utejja. In total victims of double act of terrorism in Norway steels of 77 persons.

the Authorities have detained Anders Bering Brejvika suspected of shooting on island and have declared that it, out of any doubts it is connected with explosion in the capital centre. In police do not co-ordinate occurred to the international terrorist organisations and declare communications of the arrested person with the right extremism.