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Victor Buta`s relatives count on an objective sentence

Shortly before the sentence on March, 12th will be pronounced, has found out last details on business “ accused “.

to the Russian whom jurymen, despite obvious discrepancies in business, recognised earlier as guilty of a criminal plot for the purpose of murder of citizens of the USA, threatens from 25 years of prison to a life imprisonment.

Nevertheless relatives of the businessman hope that the federal judge Shira Shejndlin, conducting criminal case N 08 - CR - 365 “ the USA against Buta “ the objective sentence will pronounce. “ the judge, - has explained Victor Alla But`s wife, - really competent person and, possibly, understands that business exaggerated. I consider that it unbiassedly conducted process, and I count that the judge will approach objectively to adjudgment. Especially taking into account its numerous statements during trial that Victor any not the terrorist and has not been connected with the terrorist organisations. Otherwise it would not do similar statements in a hall of court and would not contribute in Victor`s transfer from the single chamber “.

In the end of February of Victor Buta whom have kept more year in the single manhettenskoj prisons “ MCÑ “ have translated in general regime prison “ ÌDC “ in Brooklyn where the Russian has had an opportunity walks open-air and access to fresh air, phone and electronic mail.

“ According to Victor, after multimonthly abiding in a punishment cell he feels “ as in sanatorium “ as it had a possibility to go without shackles, - Alla tells. - if earlier the husband had 15 minutes in a month on phone conversations which frequently did not give to it now at it leaves about 300 minutes in a month “. Essentially will expand communication of Buta with an external world and the prison computer which will allow it to exchange electronic mail with relatives. Not less important for Buta it has appeared “ possibility simply to be in the open air and to look at the sky, after all it he did not see more year “.

As earlier told and not pled guilty on one point of charges Victor, from its windows “ singles “ on Manhattan it was not visible on a broader scale anything from - for muddy glasses, and the walk put by all prisoner was spent in the next chamber.


In spite of the fact that earlier announcement of a sentence of Butu was transferred by two times, now no reasons to the further delay are present, tells the spouse of the Russian. “ the main thing on the threshold of adjudgment was to solve a question on maintenance conditions. Taking into account that have translated Victor to a general regime before verdict announcement, there is a hope that it will be sent to serve time in usual prison, instead of will lock in the underground bunker “ - wife Buta has explained. By the way, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs repeatedly declared that process on Victor Buta`s business passed with infringements and Moscow intends to achieve returning of the citizen home. By data, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going to make the next statement upon adjudgment of Butu.