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The USA Americans who have joined to " have justified murder of Americans suspected of terrorism

; Al - Kaide or to other terrorist groupings, can be destroyed, as create threat of national security of the USA. It was declared by a member of administration of Barack Obama general public prosecutor Eric Holder.

Any decision to use the weapon against the citizen of the USA even if he only intended to kill other Americans and became a member of terrorist grouping Al - Kaida in another`s country, all the same one of the most serious decisions whom can face leaders of the government - has declared Holder during the performance before students of law school in Chicago.

the General public prosecutor has reminded of recent murder of American Anvar al - Avlaki - the Moslem born in the USA was the leader Yemen Al - Kaidy . As have found out the American special services, al - Avlaki was one of organizers of a slaughter-house on military base in Texas in 2009 when psychiatrist Nidal Hasan has shot 13 persons. Besides it was possible to establish its connection with Nigerian Umarom Farukom which tried to blow up the American liner on the eve of Christmas. In September, 2011 al - Avlaki managed to be destroyed, when American bespilotnik has struck blow to territory of Tsemena. But from this point on discussions around aim murders (so an innovation have christened in the American press), has inflamed with even bolshej force.

Fighters for a civil freedom have scarified the new program, having declared that it actually gives green light for murder of Americans without any trial in court. However the public prosecutor denies similar statements. Americans can and should be assured that all actions which are undertaken for their protection, correspond to their values and laws - has tried to encourage students of Holder. He has noticed that before to apply this extreme measure, it is necessary to be convinced that the person really poses threat for national security of the USA, and capture of the terrorist is alive impossible. Holder has noticed that operation on liquidation of the terrorist should correspond completely to the Constitution of the USA and the international principles of conducting war.

However, words of Holdera have convinced not all. Students of the Chicago university wanted was to bombard the honoured guest with questions that he has explained all points at issue. But it was found out that at the last minute organizers of a meeting have simply deleted time allocated for questions and answers, from the action program.