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In Ethiopia German tourists

Representatives Ethiopian " are released; In a revolutionary way - democratic front afar (RDFA)   declare clearing of two German tourists grasped in Ethiopia in January. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency.

we Will remind, on January, 17th the group of tourists has been attacked during travel on severo - to the east of Ethiopia. Five persons have been killed, two are grasped in hostages. Incident has occurred in the north of Ethiopia, in wilderness Danakil nearby to a volcano of Erta Ale on border to Eritrea. Later representatives of front have incurred responsibility for abduction.

Thus RDFA did not recognise itself responsible for murder of five other foreign tourists.

the Region Afar is considered one of the most dangerous in Ethiopia. Cases of abduction of foreigners in region Afar not a rarity.

Eritrea - the state on severo - the east of Africa, achieved independence of Ethiopia in the beginning 90 - h years - as a result of the long-term military conflict which has flashed from - for contradictions between christians and Moslems. In 1998 new war with Ethiopia from - for disputable territories has begun. War has terminated in defeat of Eritrea and the peace treaty conclusion according to which of cease-fire observance should observe United Nations peacekeeping forces in 2000. Intense relations between the states are saved till now.