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The EU countries can collectively break off dipotnoshenija with Syria

the European union the decision on a response of ambassadors of member countries from Syria can make, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

the Question on diplomatic presence at Syria will be considered today at a meeting postpredov the EU countries in Bruxelles - Kosjanchich to journalists has told.

Such course becomes response to the violence incessant in this state, the representative of head of diplomacy of EU of Maya Kosjanchich has informed. Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and the USA have already withdrawn earlier the ambassadors of their Syria, trying to put pressure upon a mode of Bashara Asada thereby.

As it became known a bit later, France has made decision definitively to stop activity of the diplomatic mission in Syria and temporarily to close embassy. Eric Shevale (ambassador) leaves Damascus today, the embassy is closed today. As to partners to whom we could entrust representation of our interests, now this question is discussed, we over it work - the secretary of French has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bernard Valero. In Syria lives about two thousand Frenchmen, the most part from them have a dual citizenship. We urge the citizens to leave some months the country - he has added. A press - the secretary of foreign policy department also has specified that the Syrian ambassador is till now in Paris.