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Marin Le Pen can be discharged of presidential election in France

Marin Le Pen raving with fury. While till March, 16th when the politicians, wishing to take part in presidential election, should present lists of guarantors from among mayors, deputies and other people`s choices, there is hardly more weeks, at the leader of the extremely right National front (NF) with it a serious problem.

to receive green light on a presidential marathon, it is necessary to present a minimum of 500 signatures. Marin Le Pen as she has informed, has typed while 452. That is there are no 48 more signatures.

- Also it is democracy? - The imposing blonde is indignant. - we live at a republican system or at oligarchy where the people are disfranchised?

it is possible to understand Marin Le Pen. As show numerous polls, in a rating of popularity of candidates it strongly takes the third place after Francois Ollanda`s socialist and the candidate - president Nicolas Sarkozy. It are ready to support from 15 to 20 percent of voters. And it is millions Frenchmen.

the Reason of present difficulties of Marin Le Pen sees in imperfection of present system of check in of signatures. The matter is that after lists move in election committee, them, naturally, check, and then after some days publish in official governmental body - ZHurnal offisel . That is everyone can learn, who from people`s choices for whom from candidates was charged. Marin Le Pen it is convinced: many refuse to it from - for fears that them will suspect of cooperation with National front and that they can become objects of pressure from political opponents of its party.

For this reason last month she was converted into the Constitutional advice with the request to change an existing order, having refused promulgation of subscription lists, that is, having made their anonymous. But this demarche has been rejected.

the Constitutional advice has refused to it on the ground that the publication of lists corresponds as one of major principles of political life of the country - its transparency, and positions of the Organic law of the country.

In similar position there was also a former prime minister - minister Dominique de Villepin.

It also as head of the tiny centre-right party created by it Solidary republic it would like to be overcome for a presidential armchair, but it does not have no minimum of 80 signatures to a lowest passing score . As considers one of its assistants Jean - Pierre Gran, Vilpena try not to admit Nicolas Sarkozy co-workers which put pressure upon mayors from among party members of the power - the Union in support of national movement (SPND) to elections.

and here at other candidates, which rating about same as at Dominica de Vilpena, that is within one - two percent, and 10 times less, than at Marin Le Pen, chances to declare themselves, at least, in the first tour of forthcoming elections, are great.

Nicolas Dupont - Enjanu, to the convinced de Gaullist and the movement founder Rise, Republic which supports transition from euro for former francs, it is necessary to collect only one and a half ten signatures. In the same position there are candidates from associations levakov and trotskistov - Phillip Putu ( New anticapitalist party ) and Natali Arto ( Working struggle ) . They confidently declare: subscription the boundary will be overcome in odd-come-shortlies .

As to the candidate from centrist party Democratic movement Francois Bajru, and also Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Ollanda at them on a broader scale problems with guarantors are not present. At obvious leaders of forthcoming fight of care of other order: to try to draw during pre-election meetings going one after another on the party as it is possible bolshee number of voters, without forgetting to start up thus poisonous arrows to the competitor.

So, acting on Monday on meeting in the city of Sen - Kenten in the north of France, Nicolas Sarkozy has let know that at the candidate - the socialist does not suffice the international experience supposedly it went on the world " a little;. Thus it has ironically reacted to scandal which has burst after the publication in a German weekly journal Spiegel As which affirms that heads of Germany, Spain, Italy and Great Britain have decided to boycott Francois Ollanda.

the Four of the European leaders, and all of them belong to right parties, confirmed magazine, has concluded this pact for ideological reasons and in solidarity with their French colleague.

it is clear that all four, who personally who through representatives, have denied this antiollandovsky plot . Nevertheless, it is for certain known that Francois Olland was already converted to Angela Merkel with the request for a meeting, but response to it has not followed, and during recent voyage of a socialist to London it communicated with the leader of labourites Milibendom, but not from premieres - minister David Cameron. A leah boycott?