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The French investors will operate distributive networks in Siberia

the French investors will operate distributive networks in Siberia. It is the first case in the history of domestic power when the foreign company has received the entrance ticket in the Russian electronetwork complex.

the General director of state holding MRSK Nikolay Shvets and head Elekrisite Rezo Distribjuson France Vostok (ERDF the East) Eric Bozhan have signed the contract on transfer of distributive networks of Tomsk in management of the French company. The transaction was countenanced by Federal antimonopoly service and the Governmental commission on control over realisation of foreign investments into the Russian Federation. It is possible to tell that in two years lasting more negotiations between leading distributive electronetwork state companies of Russia and France now the point, at last, is put.

foreign investors have started management of networks already on March, 1st. Under treaty provisions, they can independently supervise over work the Tomsk distributive company (Broadcasting Company) and to solve all current questions. Behind an exception unless what are within the competence of general meeting of shareholders and board of directors.

Overall performance of the command of the French managers in the Tomsk distributive company work of the Russian experts supervising other similar companies will be estimated on the same parametres, as. problems before all distributive network complex stand identical, - Nikolay Shvets has noted. - Though, I will not hide, in the contract on transfer of management which has been signed with the French investors, all of us - taki have put more rigid requirements .

First of all into consideration improvement of quality of rendered services and reliability of an electrical supply, reduction of costs and growth of net profit of the company, decrease in level of losses in networks, as he said, will be taken by electric power transfer, performance of the planned investment program and increase of its efficiency. Besides, it is provided, for example, and such indicator, as safety of working conditions of the personnel.

In the Russian company hope that Frenchmen will bring new technologies and management methods in a domestic electronetwork complex. if to speak particularly us in bolshej to a measure experience in designing, operation, repair and upgrade of electric systems interests, tarifoobrazovanii, realisations of investment programs, management of actives and personnel training, - Nikolay Shvets has explained. - It will be useful to study questions of increase of efficiency of industrial activity, the organisation of the cores business - processes, optimisation of use of work forces. At the same time and we can more adresno share the operating time .

it is important that the ward to an electronetwork complex of foreign investors will stimulate the domestic companies to work more effectively. The Russian consumers from it only will win.

the Tomsk region for this pilot project have chosen not casually. Its feature that simultaneously with the developed industry there on the big area and in severe environmental conditions capacities on mining operations are located. It does region indicative in country scales, consider in the Russian company.

And holding MRSK, and ERDF carry out scale investments into upgrade of an electronetwork economy. One of problems which to Russians should be solved already with participation of the French partners, - introduction in territory of region of technology smart grid. She assumes creation so-called clever electric networks . It not only intellectual counters which hand over the information on energy consumption practically in real time, with breakdown on each household appliance, but also dynamic management of electric systems, demand regulation, increase of security and economy of expenses of consumers. Such technologies already take root in territory of other regions of the country. For example, in Perm, the Belgorod region and in Sochi.