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Yanukovych: Ukraine will continue to reduce volumes of purchases of the Russian gas

the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych confirms plans of Kiev to reduce purchases of the Russian gas in connection with its high price. On it informs Interfax .

Ukraine carries on from the Russian Federation long negotiations on reduction of price on gas as which Kiev considers unfair, and contracts enslaving. Russia in exchange for revision of the price achieves access to management of the Ukrainian gas-transport system. Kiev and Moscow do not exclude consortium creation on managements GTS, but its model is not defined yet.

In connection with the high price of fuel Ukraine has declared intention to lower purchase of the Russian gas in 2012 from the billions cubic metre of gas provided by contract 52 to 27 billion cubic metre. Gazprom asserts that time for negotiations on volumes of purchases of fuel this year is already missed: The annual contract volume can be changed not later than for half a year prior to the beginning of deliveries. we have reduced purchase of gas from Russia from 41 billion cubic metre (it has been bought in 2011) to 27 billion cubic metre. We plan to reduce in the further years level of purchases. The reason one - at us is not present such money to pay, because this price very heavy - Yanukovych has told during a meeting with outstanding women of Ukraine on the threshold of March, 8th on Tuesday. At the same time last week the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov has confirmed that Moscow has passed the Ukrainian management the draught agreement which provides reduction of price on gas on 10 %.

according to the head of the government, the offer is studied, however Kiev has a vision of the future contract. The Minister of Energy and the coal industry Yury Bojko expressed hope in 2011 that Ukraine in five years can lower volume of purchase of gas at Russian Gazprom To 12 billion cubic metre a year. As he said, Ukraine will achieve it by increase in own gas production, and also by power savings and replacement of gas by coal. In particular, the minister noticed that Ukraine plans to increase for the next five years own gas production from 20 billion to 27 billion cubic metre.