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Turkey promises to enter new sanctions against France

Turkey not only will save sanctions, but also will enter new concerning France. Such decision of Ankara was called by the bill put in the agenda about a genocide of Armenians .

the Decision of the Constitutional advice of France which cancelled the law entering a criminal liability for negation of the fact of a genocide in Ottoman empire, has called approval of Turkey. However Nicolas Sarkozy has again introduced the law on the parliament agenda.

on February, 28th the Constitutional advice has counted the law on a genocide inappropriate to the organic law of France and cancelled it. Sarkozy has allowed the order to legislators to prepare the new text of the similar bill and again to bring of it for discussion, passes ITAR - TASS.

In Turkey similar behaviour of the French leader consider as an unseemly pre-election course and advances with the Armenian electorate. Turkey has gone on a number of measures on restriction of relations with France. So, in December of last year contacts to France in political, military and economic spheres have been suspended, all planned actions and visits in spheres of political consultations, joint military doctrines are cancelled.

Ankara promises to enter stage by stage new sanctions depending on the further development of a situation with the bill.