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SKR has protected head FSIN from charges in harassments

Investigatory committee of Russia has informed that has no claims to a management of prison department concerning the complaint of the certain not named employee.

In official the press - release SKR is not called any names, but it is obvious that it is a question of the complaint of the former private secretary of the director of Federal Agency of execution of punishments of Alexander Rejmera. The woman accuses the former chief of sexual harassments.

Since today this business became loud. And has begun that one of the central newspapers has written about the complaint of the major of internal service of Ekaterina M.Ofitser of the fair sex it was converted into Investigatory committee with the request to involve in the answer of the head of department.

According to the newspaper, the woman asserted that director FSIN of Russia frankly solicited it, and having been refused, has put its phone on a prowhisper. Then ostensibly listings of conversations were used for pressure upon the woman.

Prison department officially has not commented on a situation.

And SKR has officially informed that the facts have not proved to be true. by results dosledstvennoj   checks, taking into account the conclusion of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation which is carrying out public prosecutor`s supervision of manufacture operatively - search actions in FSIN Russia, the decision on refusal in criminal case excitation in connection with absence in actions of officials FSIN of Russia of signs of malfeasances " is accepted; - informs SKR.