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Syrians restore Homs after difficult fights

the Syrian families come back to Homs after the authorities have restored in it stability and security, informs ITAR - TASS.

At the moment in a city there is a repair of the hurt buildings and roads. Also works on oil pipeline restoration in which territory repeatedly there were ruptures of shells are conducted.

In city area the Woman - Amir handicraft work on which insurgents made an explosive and rockets was revealed. Besides it, representatives of the Syrian army have found out set of technics and the equipment, delivered in the besieged city on special underground tunnels.

we Will remind that past Wednesday the governmental army after powerful artillery preparation has gone over to the offensive on the areas of Homs kept by representatives of opposition. To exod of Thursday the insurgents exhausted by fight have left the positions. According to a number of experts, this fight can become the key moment in power and opposition opposition.

we Will remind that disorders in Syria proceed almost the year, in this time each of the conflict parties has lost to several thousand persons the killed.