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Rosstat: From the beginning of year consumer inflation has made 0,9 percent

February inflation in Russia has made 0,4 percent, have counted up in Rosstate. Fruit-and-vegetable production became the unconditional leader on a rise in prices.

Bananas for a month have risen in price for 7,5 percent. The second place - for belokochannoj cabbage, it has added 7,4 percent. And the prices for grapes in February became above for 4,8 percent. The range of a rise in price for carrots, beets and potatoes is on monthly results equal 2,9 - 3,2 percent.

Besides, to consumers granulated sugar began to manage more expensively. In February it has added of 3,6 percent in the price. But it as a whole on the country. In some regions, for example in Mary El, the North Ossetia, Adygea, in Kursk and Kurgan areas, it has risen in price from 10 to 12 percent. The similar situation has developed and with salt. It as a whole on the country has risen in price for a month for 4,5 percent, and here in Kabardino - Balkarii and in the Tula area - at once for 18,1 and 14,4 percent accordingly.

At the same time in the street fans of a citrus a feast. In February of the price for oranges and lemons have decreased for 1,5 and 0,5 percent accordingly. For 4,9 and 4,7 percent for a month became cheaper grechka and millet.

By the way, cost of the minimum grocery basket has grown up in February for 0,8 percent and has made 2456 roubles. To eat most expensively on - former on Chukotka: growth of the minimum set for a month in 0,6 percent and the definitive sum of 6623,3 roubles. And is cheaper - in the Tambov region. Growth of cost of a grocery basket there in February same as on Chukotka, but to the consumer it will rise much more cheaply - in 2045 roubles.

From group neprodovolstvennyh in February gasoline cost, truth not much more has decreased. To fill a full tank will manage now for 0,3 percent more cheaply, than in January. If to include in statistics and December, 2011 gasoline reduction of price makes already 0,6 percent. Here, experts consider, have worked two factors. The first - control from Federal antimonopoly service. The second - the arrangement minenergo and manufacturers to freeze the prices at level of December. Among the fallen in price transport tariffs journey to trains of distant following became the leader. Here the price of tickets on the average for February has decreased for 10 percent.

Thus, from the beginning of year, according to Rosstata, consumer inflation in Russia has made 0,9 percent. And this indicator much below January - February, 2011 when it was equal 3,2 percent. a principal cause of such figures - carrying over of indexation of tariffs for July - the deputy director of the Center of development NIU " is assured; the economy Higher school Valery Mironov. And consequently, as he said, inflation jump traps us in second half of 2012. However, of course, about size of this jump, as well as about total inflation for 2012 to speak still early. But, by Mironov`s calculations, it will appear above predicted minekonomrazvitija - 6 - 6,5 percent against official 5 - 5,5 percent. However, according to Mironov, the large quantity of events can affect these indicators in 2012, in particular and external economic still. Among them, including, even presidential election in the USA and in France. For March the expert has foretold inflation increase in 0,5 percent. now prospects of the European economy improve that, probably, will allow Russia to take long credits will be slowed down also by capital outflow - has explained the forecast Mironov.