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To atomic power station management Fukushima - 1 the claim on 68 billion dollars

27 - mi is made to heads of the atomic power station Fukushima - 1 the claim on 5,5 trillion yens (68 billion dollars) is made. Shareholders of the power company Tokyo the electrician pauer (TEPKO) which is the operator of station,   demand to indemnify a loss put as a result of failure.

the Collective claim is shown persons who held supervising fasts in the company during the period since 2002. This year experts have warned for the first time the power company that area in which it is located by the atomic power station Fukushima - 1 it is subject to strong earthquakes and a tsunami. However management TEPKO has not accepted additional measures on increase of level of security of station.

Shareholders of the company make responsible for failure of the past year directly its heads, expect to seize at them 5,5 trillion yens and to use these means for payment of indemnifications suffered from events on to Fukushima - 1 informs ITAR - TASS.

After failure on the atomic power station Fukushima - 1 in the spring of last year extensive territories have undergone to radioactive pollution. From station area it has been evacuated about 80 thousand persons. Power company TEPKO is urged to pay evacuated large indemnifications for which about 1,5 million person in total applies.