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In the Russian hire there is a blockbuster John Carter

After long fluctuations studio Disney has dared to picturize one of Edgara Rajsa Burrows`s ancient imaginations the Princess of Mars . The film leaves under a name of the protagonist to which it was executed hundred years, - John Carter .

Burrows (not to confuse to the well-known writer - beatnik William Burrows) in the XX-th century beginning has flooded the world with adventure novels about Martians and has become famous, having thought up Tarzan. He has thought up also Martian language on which the red planet is called as Barsumom. The officer of army konfederatov times of Civil war John Carter will get from the Virginia on Barsum in the magic image, having twisted the talisman found it. On almost monochrome, but three dimensional Mars he will see the rests of a dilapidated civilisation where aggressive zodangijtsy go a wall on geliumitov. Is there also tarki - unlike gumanoidnyh geliumitov, long, chetyrehrukie and klykastye, as mammoths. The earth dweller on a planet with low gravitation will open in itself unearthly forces, becomes a substitute and hope of natives, will find love in the person lunolikoj, but efficient Days and after many well mixed events on Mars and the Earth, after own funeral and a meeting beyond the grave with the son will return to favourite already for ever. And Burrows who brings to the notice some public papoju zaveshchannyj a diary will appear the son.

Owing to badly thought up history and poorly thought over motivations all it reminds delirium - a cocktail from Martian duels on swords, korshunopodobnyh kryloletov, magic talismans, funeral of the favourite spouse and reflexions of civil war in the USA. But it - now when we are already familiar and with marine Jack from the Avatar and with Ljukom Skajuokerom from Star wars And even with Aelita from Alexey Tolstoy`s written a bit later " the book; a Barsumsky series Burrows and, probably, not without its influence. For a century the plot has acquired numerous improvements and became classical - approximately as the history of Romeo and Juliette thought up by a certain Luigi Da Porto vegetated on a literature roadside while it has not improved also that Shakespeare has immortalised.

Now imagine our feelings if someone conceives to revive on the screen of heroes Yes Porto - there will be a proof sensation of disrespectfully marked down masterpiece. Approximately so you look John Carter which dispute, is not present, was the pioneer in business of development of Mars, but from heights grown wise time experience looks a helpless embryo.

the Film was put by the remarkable animator Andrew Stenton twice receiving Oscar for full-length animated cartoons In searches Mutely and VALL - And . John Carter - Its first picture with live actors, and judging by zapoloshnosti a film, the director is got drunk by the new possibilities which have opened before it. It is carried away only by the form: it piles up one action on another, applies supershort installation, leads up firing by shots to almost stroboscopic blinking and does not notice that behind these jumps and flights the event thread is lost. You any more do not know, where there is who, and it is necessary to notice that Carter`s jumps (Taylor Kitch) look like flights of the Superman that its fight with White Primacies on arena tarkanskogo an amphitheatre is taken from the Gladiator and to a dog - to a toad - to a multileg of Vule it is assigned a part a comic thinner like the robot - pylesosika from Star wars . But all it on an order less witty, is inventive and zahvatyvajushche. At outstanding external dynamics the film is similar to already exhausted spring of a familiar and favourite plot.

In the March of gnomes drawn manually from Belosnezhki 10 times sense, heat and life

inexplicabilities Arrest attention. Why tarki four-hands are long also, as well as it is necessary on other planet, and all other as if have come from sad melodramas of Bollivuda? Why authors of a film, after Burrows having supplied tarkov with additional extremities, have not thought up it a couple of any useful functions, and the second hands hang about? And why simple jumpings, let even on a planet with the lowered gravitation, turn to masterly flights with dashing podhvatyvaniem the princess falling from skies (Lynn Collins), and last in this deadly entrechat has time also coquettishly to smile to the Savior?

Questions silly also can arise only in such vacuum when any more about what to be stirred and think. When for krugovertju physical actions the plot for a long time was lost. When natural to Burrows`s times and on - to the charming naivety is not beaten in any way by authors and simply sticks out - annoyingly and is inappropriate, as a nail from a glass show-window.

We know successful experiences of screen versions so naive at present a fantasy of Zhjulja Is correct or Wells. This naivety was used for distancings modern collisions, or anew shaded wisdom of time, or, at last, ministered some kind of a time machine emotional the lift in well forgotten old . In John Carter all of us as if at once grew stupid, and to it were limited. A rather poor crop for 300 - the million blockbuster which idea was born by cinematographers as speak, almost eight decades.

It is necessary to ascertain with grief that all favourite studio Disney Without Disney gradually turns to the supplier of products spetseffektnyh, but malotalantlivyh. It so is keen on modern technologies that at it does not remain forces for searches of adequate decisions in originality. But then the most refined computer miracles turn to the most stupid stamp. And in the March of gnomes drawn manually from Belosnezhki it appears 10 times sense, heat and life, than in two - with - half - an hour fairy tale on how the Martian princess has in marriage jumped out.