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In the budget of Moscow there will be a new item of expenses

In the capital budget there can be a new item of expenses: on creation of a memorial to victims of Stalin reprisals on 24 - m kilometre of the Kaluga highway. One of the most terrible monuments of a Stalin legacy the Communard - the former summer residence of the Berry transformed in 1930 - 1950 - h years in rasstrelnyj the range - since July, 1st will be a part of Moscow.

It will give the chance to provide means for memorial creation - including for erection poimennogo a monument to victims. About it there was a speech yesterday in Moscow City Council at session of board of trustees of a monument of history and culture Spetsobekt the Communard . Now we conduct works on memorial inclusion in the budget of Moscow for 2013 - the co-chairman of board of trustees, the speaker of Moscow City Council Vladimir Platonov has told.

the Communard - One of two spetszon People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs in near Moscow suburbs where in large quantities shot enemies of the people. The Butovsky range has been intended for a commonalty accused of espionage and diversions, in to the Communard executed so-called a conspiratorial top - the people making intellectual elite of the USSR. Since October, 1937 here it has been destroyed and buried more than 10 thousand persons from which only half is known by name. Among found a final abode in trenches Communards - the former heads of the Soviet country Alexey Rykov and Nikolay Buharin, writers Boris Pilnjak and Artem Cheerful, editors-in-chief of newspapers Work the Literary newspaper chairmen Sovnarkomov of Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus... The government of Mongolia has been destroyed here in one day. In total people of 60 nationalities from 11 countries are buried. After Stalin`s death the place has staid half a century in desolation. In 1999 territory have passed an orthodox church which has organised there a farmstead Piously - the Ekaterina`s man`s monastery. Efforts of church and the board of trustees raising charitable money, in to the Communard has been constructed and in 2007 the temple of Sacred new martyrs and confessers Russian has opened.

Now it is a question of memorial creation - initiative group of inhabitants and active workers of movement the Memorial has prepared the erection project poimennogo a monument, and also museum creation. But the main thing - to define exact places of burial places for what it is necessary to conduct expensive researches. For friars it is planned to erect the new inhabited case opposite to a temple - so that in an old building it was possible to create a museum.