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Frensis Ford Coppola will present in Moscow a new film

Frensis Ford Coppola will visit to Moscow in April. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency.

the Director the Godfather the Apocalypse today and Club Kotton Frensis Ford Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola) will arrive to Moscow in the beginning of April to present the new film Between (Twixt).

Between - a Gothic horror film where known Hollywood actor Vel Kilmer (Val Kilmer) plays the writer who has lost inspiration. It comes to remote small town and tries to solve a series of mysterious murders, hoping to squeeze out of them a plot for the book. Thus in the sleep to it with a rare constancy the blood-stained girl performed by a rising star of Ell Fenning (Elle Fanning) starts to be.

Coppola has shot a picture on own money are already its third project which has been carried out out of studio system.

the Film has grown from a dream, is more exact than a nightmare which has dreamt me one year ago and reminded something from Gotorna or On. I have understood at once that, probably, it is gift of heavens that the history or a terrible film " from this could grow; - the director in The New York Times interview told.

the Premiere of a picture Between has taken place last September in Toronto then the picture has been shown at several festivals, however in hire did not leave yet. The Russian release is expected on April, 26th. When precisely there will arrive the master, it will be clear only in the middle of March.