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In the Russian Federation the cosmetics on care of a skin

The day before 8 Martha " becomes the leader of sales on 8 Martha; RBG “ it was converted to the chairman of the board Russian perfumery - cosmetic association to Tatyana Puchkovoj with the request to tell about the industry most interesting to the fair sex - the beauty industries.

RBG: a leah Truth, what perfumery and cosmetics - the most demanded gift on 8 Martha?

Puchkova: No doubt, it is one of the most popular gifts to any feast, especially to 8 Martha - to the International women`s day. The data of various marketing researches confirms it. On the threshold of a feast sales of decorative cosmetics and means on care of a skin grow. Representatives of retail networks notice that, as well as usually, special demand toilet and perfumery waters, and also gift sets use. On the threshold of feasts large retail networks add the highlights, for example, refined sets of toilet soap in Ile de Beaute or wide assortment of accessories in L etoile.

RBG : What preferences at Russians?

Puchkova: basically it is production of known foreign brands with a good parity the price - quality. Especially such tendency is observed in big cities. Among the most preferable categories of cosmetics it first of all decorative cosmetics: ink for eyelashes, lipstick, nail polishes and, undoubtedly, perfumery and only after them - means on care of a skin and hair. And, of course, look either at novelties, or on traditional brands, such as Ñhanel or Dior. By the way, an interesting detail: in Russia, according to representatives roznitsy as anywhere in the world, love perfumery and cosmetics Kenzo.

RBG: That it is necessary to make, that the Russian production became competitive?

Puchkova: For success in cosmetic branch constant and considerable financial injections both in working out of novelties, and in their advancement are necessary. And both components are extremely important. The principal cause on which the Russian cosmetics concedes in competitiveness import, consists in absence of a systematic and competent advertising campaign. The Russian manufacturers it is a lot of forces and means put in working out of products, reaching in this field truly remarkable results. But, unfortunately, total absence of real state support, constant leapfrog with the legislation do not allow to the enterprises any possibility to advance the production adequately. We with envy look at the colleagues from Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, Turkey where the state allocates special means for advancement of local manufacturers and in the countries, and abroad through the mechanism of exhibition activity. As a result the potential buyer does not know, what remarkable products leave laboratories of domestic developers, and judges the Russian cosmetics on trays at the underground where frequently it is possible to meet production, absolutely known to nobody, or on “ to television horror films “ which promptly clones TV.

RBG: a leah the prices for the Russian perfumery Grow?

Puchkova: Recently there were many changes in the legislation on ethyl spirit and in conformity acknowledgement perfumery - cosmetic production. Percent all raw materials have risen in price for fifteen for a year. All it imposes additional financial loadings on manufacturers and suppliers and finally affects the product price. According to 2011, even the world brands, making in million circulations cosmetics of mass demand and having significant financial resources, have lifted consumer prices on 3 - 5 %.

RBG:   a leah Is problems with delivery of licences to the Russian perfumery factories?

Puchkova: There are difficulties with reception of the licence for manufacture spirtosoderzhashchej perfumery - cosmetic production. Besides, after entering of amendments into the Federal law “ About state regulation of manufacture and a turn of ethyl spirit... “ there was an ambiguous treatment of article of the law, saying that law action does not extend on spirtosoderzhashchuju perfumery - cosmetic production, the last state check in in the authorised enforcement authorities. On February, 22nd, 2012 the association has directed inquiry in RAR with the request to give an explanation about necessity of licensing of manufacture of such production. We expect the answer within a month.

RBG: As accession to WTO will be reflected in branch?

Puchkova: Prospects of development of the domestic market of cosmetics after Agreement ratification on Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization do not please. Under the information available for us, there will be no essential privileges under import duties on those kinds of chemical raw materials which are necessary for development of cosmetic manufacture, and, accordingly, local manufacturers will appear in unequal position with the importers receiving decrease of the customs duties. Inevitable redistribution of forces regarding raw materials deliveries Besides, is expected. The Russian distributors of raw materials who have now learnt kvalifitsirovanno to serve requirement of small manufactures, cannot compete to the international suppliers of raw materials, and the small-scale business sector again will appear in as much as possible unprofitable position.