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The president has suggested to renominate the governor of Kuban

the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has submitted on Sunday for consideration Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkacheva`s nominee for investment with its powers of the governor of Kuban, informs a press - service of the Kremlin. Within ten days the Kuban deputies should consider the nominee offered it.

the Message that the head of the state has suggested the Kuban members of parliament to renominate the operating head of edge to the fourth term, has come while in Krasnodar all was ready to Dmitry Medvedev`s arrival: in the afternoon in a building of regional administration the president will hold meeting on development   a tourist cluster and resorts of the North Caucasus. In capital of Kuban heads of federal departments and the head of all southern regions of the country have gathered.

an United Russia (This party has the majority of places in ZSK) offered the head of the state on fast of the governor of Kuban two more candidates - the head of Tuapse area Vladimir Lybaneva and the rector of the Kuban state agrarian university Alexander Trubilina. As it was already marked, their occurrence in this list has appeared unexpected enough as both did not enter till now into local political elite. Therefore the choice of the president has appeared quite expected.

- At present there is no more suitable figure on a post of the governor of Kuban, than Tkachev, - has told in conversation with correspondents the councillor of Federation from Krasnodar territory, eks - the governor of Kuban Nikolay Kondratenko. - in modern conditions it does a maximum of possible region for advantage. I not so flexible politician, therefore in 2000 - m have refused to stand to year on an edge post of the head, having recommended for Alexander Nikolaevicha`s this place. At first he was converted often enough with questions, I always advised to do so that for people it was better. If made mistakes tried to correct them at once. And now behind advice it is possible and not to be converted: experience at most enough. I know that he not always agree with the instructions arriving from some officials, but is urged by it to submit, differently to edge will cut down transfers and will direct financial streams not to Kuban, and to other region.

Apparently, this decision of the president did not become a surprise and for Alexander Tkacheva. Anyway, it is literally some days ago during time a press - conferences following the results of presidential election in region, answering a question of journalists, a leah personnel shifts if he remains at the head of edge wait Kuban, the governor has responded so:

- If I will go for the fourth term, I will necessarily act with the keynote speech. Certainly, changes will be both in a course, and in personnel structure. If you remember, I always leant against people more modern, creative, young. And together with them involved also new approaches in work, the advanced knowledge. It seems to me, I have not lost this quality, and I will lean further against modern technologies, on people responsible, statesmen who will benefit edge.

And has every other day written in the microblog: I with pleasure will participate and in governor`s elections. But, if I, anyhow, head again edge, there will be changes. And personnel too .

five years` term of present powers of Tkacheva expires in a month. Date of an emergency meeting of parliament of Kuban is not defined yet. Most likely, it will take place during odd-come-shortlies. What problems I will face the new command of the governor during its fourth term on this fast?

- Positive dynamics of development of edge and certain prospects have allowed the president to recommend Tkacheva for the fourth governor`s term, - professor Vasily Komlatsky speaks managing stand of the Kuban agrarian university. - the Head of edge - the charismatic, self-assured politician, skilfully enough operates region thanks to what Kuban on many indicators socially - economic development is in the lead in the country. On the future it would be desirable to advise to focus more steadfast attention on middle class development, especially in agrarian sector. In my opinion, the regional power keeps development of family farms, including in animal industries though in this respect there are direct instructions of the government of the country insufficiently. For Kuban creation of such economic conditions that it was favourable to landowners to export not grain, and milk and meat is essentially important. In other countries this problem have solved, having supported family farms. And we should go on this way.

And here the known political scientist in edge, the doctor of political sciences Michael the Sabbas considers that to Alexander Tkachevu after the next purpose for governor`s fast it will be necessary to be engaged seriously   communications of the regional power with citizens .

- After known latest developments it became obvious that in this area there are serious problems, - he speaks. - for example, there is no such important platform of interaction of the power and a society as the Kuban Public chamber which should be created still three years ago, however requirements of the regional law are not executed till now. The society waits also for serious personnel changes in regional administration.

the Inquiry

Alexander Tkachev was born on December, 23rd, 1960 in a village of Vyselki of Krasnodar territory. Has finished the Krasnodar polytechnical institute, worked on Vyselkovsky intereconomic kombikormovom factory, was the first secretary of district committee VLKSM, the general director of joint-stock company the Agrocomplex the deputy of Legislative Assembly of edge. In 1995 and 1999 it was selected the deputy of the State Duma. In December, 2000 has won elections of the governor of Kuban, and in March 2004 - go has been re-elected for the second term. On April, 10th, 2007 (its term of appointment of the governor expired in two years) has written addressed to the president of the country of that time the application with statement of the matter of confidence. On April, 23rd, 2007 on representation of the president at session ZSK has been vested by powers of the head of administration of edge for new five years` term.