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In Astrakhan work UK will be supervised by advice of proprietors of habitation

In Astrakhan at the mayor the public organisation is created, called to defend interests of tenants of apartment houses and to supervise legality of actions of management companies. Representatives have entered into it large TSZH, housing - the municipal organisations, energetikov and gazovikov.

Under the current legislation in housing and communal services sphere it is possible to complain of abusings in housing inspection, Office of Public Prosecutor or court. But it is far not everyone it is ready to spend forces for similar trials, and to hope that they will bring positive result. And, as a rule, employees of housing inspections simply do not have possibility to react to all complaints, in Office of Public Prosecutor such affairs frequently consider small, and into court are converted as a last resort.

- We should become that instance which will have time, forces and knowledge to help with municipal questions to the population, constantly operating trunk-call platform between consumers of utilities, management companies and the enterprises of natural monopolies, - the co-ordinator of advice Vadim Monin has told. - the Market of granting to the population of housing and communal services is insufficiently regulated by the legislation, in this sphere there is a weight of questions and the conflict situations, which citizens can settle with our help in a pre-judicial order. Besides, we will create the general for all serving municipal organisations of a rule and approaches.

the Recent example - in Astrakhan one of suppliers of heat and hot water has hidden the scheme of formation of tariffs that is illegal from consumers. Representatives of the enterprise have invited to advice session so that they have shared this information which will be finished now to the population by means of mass-media.

Public men struggle not only for granting full and trustworthy information to consumers, but also against abusings of management companies. For this purpose they involve the experts possessing knowledge in various spheres of housing and communal services. Experts should estimate quality of work UK, gazosnabzhajushchih and the power organisations and make their rating which will be placed on the Internet. The rating will develop not only of an expert estimation, but also population poll about activity of the municipal enterprises.

It is planned that socially - the advisory centres which will carry out control over work kommunalshchikov and to help citizens under the authority of actions of proceeding on protection of the rights of consumers, will be created in each microdistrict of a city. The city target program of the help to proprietors of habitation is with that end in view developed.